Tables and shelves

Selection of indoor and outdoor tables and shelves to decorate your home and make room for more plants!

Tables and shelves

Tables and shelves are crucial to make your plants stand out and blend in with your space. We know that plants are superior decorative elements, because thanks to their dynamic character they fill the space with life and keep themselves in constant growth and transformation; but for you to get the most out of their beauty and splendour, it is essential to have the right decorative elements. In our online shop you will find an incredible selection of tables, stands, shelves and other decorative elements made of quality materials and with a design made to integrate perfectly into your spaces, regardless of the decorative style you have used to create it. You can find pieces with minimalist lines or some with oriental inspiration. The aim is for you to find one that adapts to the aesthetic character of your home and allows you to create inspiring spaces that vibrate in harmony.

Our favourites are tables that have different levels, as they allow you to play with the height to display plant species that may be the same size and would otherwise go unnoticed. Also, having plants at different heights gives visual balance to the place, a simple trick to make your plant corner stand out and look ready to be showcased on social media.

Remember that a good part of visual harmony in decoration depends on the flow of decorative objects. These should be arranged in a way that draws the eye around the room. When you concentrate plants on the lowest levels and leave them all at more or less the same height, it gives a cluttered, cluttered and dense appearance. The use of tiered tables and shelving allows for a visual connection between the ceiling and the floor, allowing the eye to flow. Decorative tables are great for creating green corners, miniature indoor gardens where you can relax, sit and read and enjoy the freshness of your plants. They allow you to define the space, as well as providing a surface on which to place plants and other decorative objects. What's more, they are made from quality materials and are hard-wearing, even if you have pets that want to play on them.

Floating shelves are ideal for small flats, they will also allow you to create vertical space that you can use to display hanging plants, your collection of succulents or small medicinal plants, it's like having a work of art that grows and transforms over time. The ones in our catalogue have very simple lines, so it will be very easy to integrate them into your decoration.

The best thing about buying tables, shelves and other supports in Be Green is that you can place your order at the time you want and from your mobile phone, tablet or computer. Forget about going to the nursery and then to the furniture or accessory shop. Thanks to our online delivery service, you can buy plants, accessories, pots, tables and everything your plant addict heart desires, make the payment and in 24 hours or less you will receive everything at home or wherever you indicate.

It doesn't matter if you have bought a small Aloe Vera, 6 giant ficus, 3 rosemary and a garden table or if you have only ordered a floating shelf with a couple of succulents, you will always have free and fast delivery. At Be Green we take care of selecting the most beautiful plants and the trendiest accessories, we pack them with great care and attention so that they arrive in perfect condition at your doorstep.