Bonsai pruning shears
Bonsai pruning shears
Bonsai pruning shears Bonsai pruning shears
€19.00 Bonsai pruning shears
Stainless steel pruning shears are indispensable for clean and tight cuts on all medium-sized branches of your bonsai.
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Bonsai pruning shears

Ideal and indispensable pruning shears for the care of your Bonsai and to make clean and tight cuts to all medium-sized branches of your Bonsai.

  • Material of construction, stainless steel.
  • Colour, matt black.
  • Expert design, for the first time by the collaboration of Mr. Masakuni and Mr. Murata.
  • The cutting edge of both parts of the pruning shears cut, thus allowing a more precise cut and easier healing for the bonsai.

How it works
  • Remove the pruning shears from their packaging and disinfect the pruning shears' blades with rubbing alcohol.
  • Prune the branches of your bonsai that grow at the same height as the trunk, branches that are longer than the rest, branches that have an unnatural shape or any imperfection.
  • Make straight, firm cuts.
  • Prune at the end of winter on tropical bonsai to make the most of the spring and summer growing season. Mediterranean bonsai are best pruned in early spring or late autumn.

Benefits of pruning Bonsai
  • Removing the branches that overhang the rest of the bonsai allows you to maintain a harmony in the bonsai that is aesthetically thrilling.
  • Removing the impurities in the bonsai allows it to focus its energy on the healthy branches.
  • Pruning a bonsai allows the shoots to grow in an orderly fashion and to all get the light they need.

Bonsai that need pruning
  • Bonsai Zelkova parvifolia
  • Bonsai Carmona microphylla
  • Bonsai Punica grantum
  • Bonsai Sageretia theezans
  • Bonsai Olea europaea sylvestris
  • Bonsai Malus sp
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