Bonsai chopsticks
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€23.00 Bonsai chopsticks
Two wooden sticks specifically designed to work the substrate of your bonsai during transplanting.
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Bonsai chopsticks

Chopsticks designed to work the substrate when transplanting your bonsai and avoid air gaps between the roots.

  • Material of construction, wood.
  • Colour, light brown.
  • Professional design, essential for the correct transplanting of your bonsai.

How it works
  • Remove the sticks from the packaging and disinfect them by washing them with soap and water.
  • When you are transplanting your bonsai, when introducing the roots into the pot, help yourself with the chopsticks and introduce soil over all the roots, pushing the substrate with the chopsticks.

Benefits of using chopsticks
  • This avoids air pockets between the roots that prevent them from absorbing water properly.
  • Burying all the roots of the bonsai in the substrate is essential for its survival.
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