Bonsai Substrate
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Ideal substrate for indoor and outdoor Bonsai.
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Bonsai Substrate

Substrate for indoor and outdoor Bonsai. Fromulado based on black peat, blond peat, silica and pozzolan.


This Substrate for Bonsai is suitable for all types of Bonsai due to its high nutrient capacity, as it contains 25% organic matter and more than half a kilo of fertiliser.

The substrate of your plants tends to lose its properties and vitamins with the passing of time, and is no longer useful for your plant. This is why we recommend repotting your plants once a year. this will keep them healthy and happy!

How to transplant a Bonsai
  • Choose a pot with adequate drainage for the Bonsai species you want to repot.
  • Take the Bonsai out of the old pot whole, try to take it out with the root ball as well.
  • Remove the old soil from the base and roots of your Bonsai. With the soil removed and the roots exposed, comb them out and remove any diseased roots.
  • Fill the new pot with a layer of Bonsai Substrate and add the cleaned and groomed Bonsai.
  • Fill in any remaining soil in the new Bonsai pot.
  • Finally, compact the substrate a little with your fingers.


5 litre Bonsai Substrate.

Manufactured by Flower.

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