Bonsai Tool Case
Bonsai Tool Case
Bonsai Tool Case
Bonsai Tool Case
Bonsai Tool Case Bonsai Tool Case Bonsai Tool Case Bonsai Tool Case
€71.00 Bonsai Tool Case
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Including: Lockable case, Pruning shears, Clippers, Concave pruning shears, Spatula tongs and Root sticks.

Bonsai Tool Case

Tool case with 5 tools for the care, pruning and repotting of all your Bonsai trees.

Tool case
  • Material of construction, waxed canvas of maximum resistance.
  • Colour of the case, yellowish brown with passion red edges.
  • Classic design and easy to carry.
  • The case has compartments inside that are adapted to the size of the tools it contains.
  • The waxed canvas is a stain repellent fabric, so you don't have to worry about excessive cleaning.
  • The case is foldable with an easy clip closure. When opened, all the tools are visible and handy.
  • The case comes folded and with all the tools placed inside.

Concave Pruner
  • A necessary tool for the care of your Bonsai and to remove thick branches and trunks that you don't need on your Bonsai.

Pruning shears
  • These thick pruning shears are especially suitable for making precise cuts on woody branches. They are suitable for pruning all your Bonsai trees.

Pincer Scissors
  • These shears are ideal for shortening the new shoots of all your Bonsai and giving them the shape they need or that you prefer without damaging their integrity.

Tweezers with Spatula
  • These tweezers are specially designed to remove dry leaves, shoots and weeds that are not healthy or that have been left on top of a branch or the substrate.

  • They are ideal for untangling the roots of all your Bonsai and removing the air that remains between them before transplanting.
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