Bosnia wire cutter
Bosnia wire cutter
Bosnia wire cutter Bosnia wire cutter
€19.00 Bosnia wire cutter
Wire cutter designed to cut the fine and medium wires used to shape the branches of all your Bonsai trees.
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Bosnia wire cutter

  • Easy and precise wire cutter to remove or replace the fine and medium wires that shape all your Bonsai.

  • Material of construction, stainless steel.
  • Colour, matt black.
  • Professional design, cuts both copper and aluminium.

How it works
  • Remove the wire cutter from the packaging.
  • The perfect time to remove the wire from your Bonsai is when it gets stuck in the bark of your Bonsai.
  • When you are going to change the wiring on your Bonsai or you feel it is time to remove a particular wire, use this wire cutter.
  • When you have located the copper or aluminium wire, precisely insert a part of the wire cutter blade between the branch and the wire.
  • Press hard until the wire cutter cuts the wire from the branch.
  • By cutting the wire with the wire cutter you can remove it easily and without damaging the core of the branch.

  • Keeping your Bonsai carefully wired will allow you to shape and style it to your liking.
  • Aesthetically your Bonsai will look stunning.
  • A wired and shaped Bonsai will be much easier to pinch or comb.
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