Liquid Cactus Fertiliser
Liquid Cactus Fertiliser
Liquid Cactus Fertiliser Liquid Cactus Fertiliser
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Liquid fertiliser suitable for all types of flowering and non-flowering cacti and succulents.
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Liquid Cactus Fertiliser

Liquid fertiliser for cacti and succulents that acts as a nutritional supplement for plants to encourage growth by providing the plant with extra iron which allows them to have a greener colour, more flowers and also prevents the spread of pests to the plants.

It is recommended to irrigate every two weeks during the winter season and once a week during the rest of the season.

How to use Liquid Cactus Fertilizer
  • Use the cap of the liquid fertiliser bottle as a measuring device.
  • Fill the measuring cap half full and dilute it with 2 litres of water.
  • Shake the water with the fertiliser to mix it well.
  • Once the water is mixed with the fertiliser you can water all your succulents and cacti.
  • Repeat this process every two weeks in spring and summer. Once a week if your succulent or cactus is flowering.

  • Liquid fertiliser 350 ml.

Manufactured by Flower.

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