Calendula Growing Kit
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It includes everything you need to grow a marigold plant. Inside the pot you will find a pot, a well-drained substrate and the seeds of the marigold plant.
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It includes everything you need to grow a marigold plant.
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Calendula Growing Kit

A set for the cultivation of the Calendula healing plant. The perfect choice for growing plants at home in the simplest and mess-free way.

Growing Set
  • The cork pot is the pot in which the healing plant will be grown.
  • Inside the cork pot you will find:
  • A plastic pot with a double bottom that allows watering inside the pot itself and make sure that the base of the pot and the roots are always moist.
  • A bag of Marigold seeds.
  • The watering pot is filled with sufficient substrate. With a high level of drainage and coconut fibre.
  • Includes a paper with instructions for use and cultivation.

How to grow
  • Remove the pot from inside the cork pot.
  • Remove the plastic covering the substrate from the pot and remove it with a shovel or scraper.
  • Locate the centre of the pot and use your fingers to make a hole in the substrate, at least 2 cm deep.
  • Spread the seeds of the plant that you will find in the envelope into the hole in the substrate.
  • Cover the seeds with the substrate that you had set aside for the hole, taking care not to squash it too much.
  • Water abundantly and place in an area with plenty of indirect light.
  • Wait 20 - 25 days and you will see your healing plants sprout.
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