Pack Campanulas with Planter
Pack Campanulas with Planter
Pack Campanulas with Planter Pack Campanulas with Planter
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Includes: White Planter, 10 litre bag of Universal Substrate, bag of Plant Food Fertiliser and two Campanula plants.
€44.00 Pack Campanulas with Planter
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Includes: White Planter, 10 litre bag of Universal Substrate, bag of Plant Food Fertiliser and two Campanula plants.
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Pack Campanulas with Planter

An ideal set for balconies, patios, mantelpieces and kitchens with light, including everything you need to create the most natural, flower-filled spaces.


Campanula Abella Intense Purple, also known as Campanilla. Originating from Southern Europe this plant is ideal for any Mediterranean climate.

  • This plant is safe for pets.
  • Direct sunlight can burn its flowers.

  • Light: It prefers the places of semishade or with direct light.
  • Regular watering: Try that the substratum does not dry out completely between irrigation and irrigation. Water once a week.
  • Humidity: It likes to feel cool. Spray its leaves every other day.
  • Top tip: Fertilise every fortnight and you will see that it will never stop flowering.

  • Regulates ambient humidity.
  • Helps neutralise static electricity caused by electronics and textile fibres.


An ideal planter for indoors and outdoors, perfect for growing all plants.

  • Material of manufacture, 100% recycled and recyclable plastic.
  • Colour, pearl white with matt finish.
  • Planter suitable for watering, includes a saucer at the base to collect the water left over from watering. no mess!
  • The planter is 39 centimetres long and 18 centimetres high.

Universal Substrate 10 Litres

Substrate formulated with sphagnum peat, coconut fibre, vegetable compost, organic fertiliser, seaweed extract and perlite. It is suitable for all plants, has a good drainage capacity, which prevents it from becoming waterlogged and drowning your plant.

Over time the soil of your plant will lose its properties and vitamins. This is why we recommend repotting once a year. this will keep it healthy and happy!

Plant Food Fertilizer

This 100% natural fertilizer stimulates the roots and acts as a pesticide. It is ideal because it works well for our entire selection of plants.

Recommended for use every week in spring, summer and autumn. Every two weeks in winter.

How to use:
  • When watering your plant, add one tablespoon of plant food to the irrigation water.
  • Water the substrate of your plants with the water and plant food mixture from the watering can.
  • Allow the plant to drain excess water from watering.
  • Put it back in its decorative jar and see how beautiful it looks after receiving the vitamins it needs.
  • The best time to use plant fertiliser is spring, summer and autumn.
  • Capacity of 100 grams of organic fertilizer powder.

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What Our Clients Say
By Koro
March 15, 2023

The plants are beautiful and arrived beautifully packaged

By Carmelo
October 23, 2022

All fantastic

By Larraitz
July 16, 2022

They are the first botanical scissors I have ever had and I don't have anything to compare them with, but I can say that when you cut the tip of the leaf or the stem, you can feel that you do it gently for the plant and I like that a lot. The respect function helps me to treat the plants, and I have a very good experience. Larraitz

By Selene
July 4, 2022

Very nice and practical

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 With recycled cardboard packaging that we have developed to take care of your plant. 💚 Packed with tissue paper that keeps the humidity and a lot of care. 📝 Each plant includes a care card and a dedication (if you want).

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