Bonsai Tools Care Kit
Bonsai Tools Care Kit
Bonsai Tools Care Kit
Bonsai Tools Care Kit Bonsai Tools Care Kit Bonsai Tools Care Kit
€50.00 Bonsai Tools Care Kit
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Bonsai care tools maintenance kit includes: Sabitori, Sharpening stone, Japanese Camellia oil, Cleaning cloth and instruction booklet.
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Bonsai Tools Care Kit

Taking care of your tools is as important as taking care of your plants.


Anti-rust and impurities rubber. Rub the rubber on metal and stainless steel tools to prevent rust and extend their lifespan.

Sharpening stone

Sharpening stone to sharpen the blades of pruning shears, loppers and scissors for the care of all your Bonsai trees. Rub the blade of your tool from left to right on the sharp side of the stone and make sure it keeps cutting accurately.

Japanese Camellia oil

Oil with multiple properties to clean and polish all your tools. Not suitable for human consumption.

Cleaning cloth

Rag made of cotton fibres to clean your tools from oil residues.

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Introducing the incredible Bonsai Tools Care Kit, the ultimate companion for the care and maintenance of your beloved Bonsai tools! Whether you're a seasoned Bonsai enthusiast or just starting out on your green-fingered journey, this kit is an absolute must-have for keeping your tools in tip-top shape.

Inside this magical kit, you'll find five essential maintenance tools that will make your Bonsai tools feel brand spanking new. Let's dive in and explore what's included, shall we?

First up, we have the mighty Sabitori. This little wonder is perfect for removing any stubborn dirt or grime that may have found its way onto your tools. With just a few swipes, your tools will be sparkling clean and ready for action!

Next, we have the sharpening stone. Say goodbye to dull blades and hello to precision cutting! This trusty stone will bring back the sharpness and precision to your pruning shears and other tools, ensuring that every snip you make is as smooth as butter.

Ah, the Japanese Camellia oil, a true gem in the world of Bonsai care. This magical elixir not only nourishes and protects your tools but also gives them a beautiful, glossy finish. Just a few drops of this liquid gold and your tools will be gleaming with pride.

Of course, we couldn't forget the cleaning cloth. Soft, gentle, and oh-so-effective, this cloth is perfect for wiping away any excess oil or dirt from your tools. It's like giving them a little spa treatment, leaving them refreshed and ready for their next Bonsai adventure.

Last but not least, we have the instruction booklet. Packed with handy tips and tricks, this booklet will guide you through the entire care and maintenance process. Whether you're a Bonsai veteran or a complete novice, this booklet will be your trusty companion on your Bonsai journey.

So, dear Bonsai enthusiasts, don't let your tools go unnoticed and unloved. Treat them to the care they deserve with our Bonsai Tools Care Kit. Trust us, your tools will thank you with every snip, trim, and prune. Get your kit today and let the magic unfold!

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