Duo Pots Malé
Duo Pots Malé
Duo Pots Malé Duo Pots Malé
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These two basket-shaped planters with a wooden base are ideal for enhancing any style of decoration.
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Duo Pots Malé

Set of two Flowerpots Malé

Two planters perfect to give a bohemian, rural and natural atmosphere to any environment.

  • Material of construction: fibre and wood
  • Colour of the planter: suede brown, with a white painted stripe. The legs of the planter are made of wood.
  • Classic design, ideal to give a coastal and cosy touch to any home.
  • Decorative planter, do not water indoors.

Pot size large:
  • Height of pot with stand: 26 centimetres
  • Height of pot: 20 centimetres
  • Inside diameter of pot: 20 centimetres

Medium pot size:
  • Height of pot with stand: 20 centimetres
  • Height of pot: 16 centimetres
  • Internal diameter of the planter: 18 centimetres

How it works:
  • Simple and mess-free use. Insert the pot in which the nursery plant comes directly into the decorative pot.

Difference between pot and planter:
  • The planter is the plastic container in which your plant is transplanted and which allows the water to drain better during watering. It is responsible for keeping the roots healthy.
  • The pot is the container in which you place the pot inside and serves to prevent the soil from getting stained with soil and water. it also decorates and gives style to your home!


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