Eternal Christmas Set
Eternal Christmas Set
Eternal Christmas Set
Eternal Christmas Set
Eternal Christmas Set
Eternal Christmas Set Eternal Christmas Set Eternal Christmas Set Eternal Christmas Set Eternal Christmas Set
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Eternal Christmas Set

The set includes
  • christmas tree decorated with grey Amsterdam flower pots
  • Poinsettia decorated with a white Amsterdam pot
  • Ardisia with white Amsterdam pot
  • Cyclamen with Nauru pot
About the plants in this set
  • The Christmas tree is aromatic and fits into any environment, ideal for any home.
  • The Poinsettia is a plant that purifies the air, eliminates toxins and needs regular watering.
  • Cyclamen attracts positive energies and is practically immortal.
  • Ardisia has fruits and flowers and is easy to care for.
  • They are not suitable for pets, as if their leaves are ingested in large quantities, they can cause stomach upset.

Where to place it
  • This set of plants does well in medium to bright light. It is ideal for indoors as well as for balconies, terraces or semi-shaded outdoors.
  • Light: Ideally bright indirect light, but can also be adapted to low light with the help of grow lights.
  • Watering: In the case of Poinsettia and Cyclamen twice a week in summer. In winter, less frequent watering is required because the substrate retains moisture for longer. In the case of the Christmas tree every 15 days is sufficient. In general the key to watering is to check the substrate with your fingers and water only if it is dry. Ardisia requires a substrate that is kept moist.
  • Humidity: Poinsettia and Ardisia enjoy humidity, so we recommend spraying them 3 times a week to make them happier. Cyclamen do not tolerate humidity, so spraying is not necessary. The Christmas Tree adapts to any humidity level.
  • Maintenance: clean the leaves of your Poinsettia once a month to prevent dust from accumulating on the leaves and to facilitate the photosynthesis process.
  • Plants are proven to help reduce anxiety levels and have many psychological benefits that will make you feel better.

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9 Opinions
This combination of plants capable of blooming and enjoying the winter like no other, will make your home full of nature and Christmas decoration.
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What Our Clients Say
By Manuela
April 30, 2023

Everything was great. Very good condition of the package and the flower. A 10

By Carmelo
April 15, 2023

The winter plant was very deteriorated

By Lucia
March 13, 2023

I love it, but I would have liked to put a note for the person to whom I sent it

By Rosana
February 25, 2023

Very good experience, the plant arrived on time and in perfect condition, it is beautiful

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 Our recycled cardboard packaging protects and cares for your plant during shipping. 💚 Includes a QR to the care guide and access to the Plant Doctor for all kinds of queries. 📝 You can also add a dedication at the time of purchase, perfect for special gifts.

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