Lavender Seeds
Lavender Seeds
Lavender Seeds Lavender Seeds
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Lavender Seeds

Lavender Cultivation and Care

This aromatic plant with origins in ancient Persia is ideal for any indoor or outdoor environment that receives plenty of direct or indirect light. Once the plant has sprouted from seed, try to maintain moderate watering and avoid drafts.

How to Grow Lavender
  • First, fill a pot or planter with a well-drained substrate.
  • Make a 4-centimetre hole in the soil.
  • Bury the seeds in the previously made hole by filling it with soil up to the edge of the pot or planter.
  • Water abundantly and place your pot or planter with the seeds in a place where it receives plenty of direct light.
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Grow the most popular flowering plant used for decoration in your home with hardly any mess.
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