Lollipop Dessert
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€11.00 Lollipop Dessert
Lollipop which includes substrate, clay, coconut fibre and basil, watermelon and strawberry seeds.
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Lollipop Dessert

Lollipop Dessert

the seed revolution is in the shape of a lollipop! It includes everything you need to grow your own vegetable garden at home.

The base of the lollipop has a sphere of pressed substrate that hides inside basil, strawberry and watermelon seeds, covered with enough clay and coconut fibre to nourish the substrate of the planter during the whole germination period.

How to grow your Lollipop
  • Fill the White ECO Planter to the top with soil.
  • Locate the centre of the planter and use your fingers to make space and insert the Lolipop halfway into the planter.
  • Place the soil around the Lollipop so that it is firmly in the soil.
  • Water your Lollipop and the substrate of the Jardiner with plenty of water. Place it in a spot with plenty of direct or indirect light.
  • wait 20-25 days and watch your new plants sprout healthy and happy!
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