Lucca XL flower pot dish
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€5.00 €4.50 Lucca XL flower pot dish
A practical and ecological dish for watering your plants to match the Florencia Planter.
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Lucca XL flower pot dish

An ecological and design ally for the irrigation of all your plants that need water in quantity.

  • Manufacturing material: recycled and recyclable plastic.
  • Colour: slate grey.
  • Classic design, ideal for all your large and medium sized plants.

How it works
  • The saucer is designed to refresh and give extra moisture to the roots of those plants that need it.
  • To fill it with water, place the saucer on a flat surface and gradually fill it with water from the watering can.
  • When the saucer is half full of water, insert it into the saucer.

Benefits of using a watering saucer
  • Plants that require regular watering by immersion will appreciate the option of nourishing their roots with water on a constant basis.
  • Water is essential for the development of plants.
  • The roots are the heart of the plant, so their well-being is vital to the plant's survival.

Plants that need a watering saucer
  • Orchids
  • Marantas
  • Peace Lily
  • Boston fern

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