Succulent Trio
Succulent Trio
Succulent Trio Succulent Trio
height icon Height 15-20cm
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Includes: Three plants of the succulent family.
Indirect light

Indirect light

Moderate irrigation

Moderate irrigation

Normal humidity

Normal humidity

Suitable for pets

Suitable for pets

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Includes: Three plants of the succulent family.
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Succulent Trio

Trio of plants, a combination of three colourful succulent plants.

Echeveria Perle Nuremberg, Gasteria and Sedum


  • They are safe for pets.
  • Too much water can destroy their roots.


  • Light: They adapt to any level of light, but prefer indirect light.
  • Moderate watering: When the substrate is drying out.
  • Humidity: It does not like to cool down, its leaves should not be sprayed.
  • Top Tip: Wipe the leaves of your succulents with a dry cloth to help it photosynthesise.


  • This plant eliminates toxins that gradually accumulate in indoor environments. It absorbs nitrogen oxide and harmful formaldehydes floating in the air. So as well as decorating, it will keep your home free of harmful substances.
  • It is said that this plant attracts good luck and removes negative energies from the environment.

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August 27, 2021

Now I have to learn how to transpart them

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 With recycled cardboard packaging that we have developed to take care of your plant. 💚 Packed with tissue paper that keeps the humidity and a lot of care. 📝 Each plant includes a care card and a dedication (if you want).

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