Outdoor Transplant Kit
Outdoor Transplant Kit
Outdoor Transplant Kit
Outdoor Transplant Kit
Outdoor Transplant Kit Outdoor Transplant Kit Outdoor Transplant Kit Outdoor Transplant Kit
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€42.00 Outdoor Transplant Kit
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Includes: One 10 litre bag of Universal Substrate, Terra Pinus and Liquid Fertiliser.
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Outdoor Transplant Kit

Universal Substrate, 100% natural pine bark based substrate and liquid fertiliser.

Everything you need to transplant your outdoor plants in one kit.

Universal Substrate 10 litres
  • Substrate for all types of plants enriched with natural fertilizer and perlite. It has a good drainage capacity, which avoids waterlogging and drowning your plant.

Terra Pinus
  • Substrate formulated with 100% natural pine bark. It is ideal for these plants because of its ability to simulate the water conditions in its place of origin, allowing the water to contact with the root.
Liquid fertiliser
  • Complete liquid fertilizer with a high iron and nitrogen content that encourages the formation of leaves and boosts the greenness and vitality of the plants.

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What Our Clients Say
By Larraitz
September 15, 2023

They are the first botanical scissors I have ever had and I don't have anything to compare them with, but I can say that when you cut the tip of the leaf or the stem, you can feel that you do it gently for the plant and I like that a lot. The respect function helps me to treat the plants, and I have a very good experience. Larraitz

By Ana
June 15, 2023

Very happy with the purchase. Arrived on time and very well packaged

By Carmelo
May 15, 2023

All fantastic

By Koro
March 15, 2023

The plants are beautiful and arrived beautifully packaged

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 With recycled cardboard packaging that we have developed to take care of your plant. 💚 Packed with tissue paper that keeps the humidity and a lot of care. 📝 Each plant includes a care card and a dedication (if you want).

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