Pack of 10 succulents with terracotta pots
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Set includes: 10 succulents and 10 terracotta pots.
€172.00 Pack of 10 succulents with terracotta pots
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Set includes: 10 succulents and 10 terracotta pots.
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Pack of 10 succulents with terracotta pots

The set includes
  • 10 succulents with terracotta pots
  • Pot: 10.5cm
  • Height: 15cm


  • Suitable for children and pets, but be careful not to let them eat the leaves.
  • Too much water can destroy its leaves. Before watering, always remember to check the soil first.


  • Light: Adapts to any light level.
  • Moderate watering: When the substratum is drying out.
  • Moisture: Does not like to cool down, do not spray its leaves.
  • Top tip: Aloe leaves store a lot of water and are therefore very heavy. It will need a sturdy pot to prevent it from falling over.
Terracotta pots


  • Material of manufacture, terracotta.
  • Height of the pots: 12 centimetres.
  • Diameter of the pots: 11 centimetres.
  • Rustic style, a warm and natural essence
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What Our Clients Say
By Carlos
January 29, 2024

I'm not saying these succulents are better than a pet, but they're definitely easier to take care of. And they don't judge me for staying in my pajamas all day. The terracotta pots just add to their chill vibes

By Cesar
January 25, 2024

I gifted this pack to my friend who's always complaining about being single. Now she has 11 succulents to love and care for. Who needs a boyfriend when you have a plant family?

By Emilio
January 23, 2024

I never thought I'd be a proud owner of 11 succulents. But thanks to this pack, I'm now a succulent hoarder. The terracotta pots are just an added bonus for my ever-growing plant army

By María
January 21, 2024

I'm convinced these succulents have magical powers. They've brought so much joy and life to my boring office space. Plus, their tiny terracotta homes make them look like they're living in a miniature village

By Angeles
January 18, 2024

I ordered this pack of succulents thinking I'd finally have a green thumb. Turns out, I still can't keep a plant alive. But at least they look cute in their terracotta graves

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