Wax flower
Wax flower
Wax flower Wax flower
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Chamelaucium uncinatum. Also known as waxflower. It is a flowering plant endemic to Western Australia, with white or pink flowers from April to November.
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Chamelaucium uncinatum.
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Wax flower

  • This exotic plant appreciates a well-drained site, so some sand from the soil should be added, and a sunny exposure.
  • Waxflower is safe for pets and children.

  • Light: It needs good dose of light during most of the day, for what it is advisable to leave it in a sunny zone.
  • I water Moderate: Once a week in winter. Twice a week in summer. When the substrate is dry.
  • Moisture: It does not like to cool down, so do not spray its leaves.
  • Top tip: They do not tolerate cold and much less frost; the environment should be warm and the temperature should not drop below 10°C in winter.

  • It is a very grateful and long-lasting decorative plant. Ideal for all types of spaces.
  • It has long been associated with good luck and best wishes for lasting success.
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