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News If you are a regular customer at Be.Green or a simple plant and gardening enthusiast who has ended up strolling through our virtual shop attracted by the useful tips and tricks that we share with everyone, you will already know the species of plants that adorn our catalogue. Whether you are looking for what you need or you are just curious, in this section you will find all the new plants that are arriving in our virtual nursery. Be.Green is like all plants: we are in constant growth and development, so it is not surprising that our catalogue grows with the addition of new species that reach their precise point in certain seasons. We also establish direct contact with all our customers and friends, so we listen to their requests and try to meet their requirements In the new plants section you will find those beautiful seasonal plants, new acquisitions, the most beautiful species that have been maturing and are ready to be adopted as well as the odd beauty that we are developing in our nurseries. It's the ideal place to find out if we have something different or if we've finally got that gorgeous plant that's making waves on social media that you need to add to your garden. There's a bit of everything here: flowering plants, medicinal and ornamental plants. Annuals, perennials and seasonal, there's always something new to catch your eye. Even though many of the species in our catalogue may be cyclical or seasonal, we still provide you with all the necessary knowledge about their care and particular needs. We will not abandon you in this new plant adventure, because before adding any species to our shop, we take care to consult our experts to have all the information you need ready. Do you have any doubts? Remember that you can always contact us to clear up any doubts you may have about the plants we offer All Be.Green plants, including those that appear in the new plants section, are lovingly selected specimens that we pack with the utmost care, in order to guarantee that they arrive at their destination in perfect condition, as beautiful and rozagantes as you see them in the photographs; and all will be accompanied by the famous care cards, which you will use as a reference guide for their care Be Green makes everything easy for you, because we know that your time is precious. That's one of the great advantages of buying online: you order from wherever you want, whenever you can, and we take care of the shipping and transport. There are no size or quantity limits, so you can go wild and buy whatever you want; including those stylish decorative pots, tables and all the accessories you want. We guarantee that everything will be delivered for the same price in 24 hours or less to your door. We have an ongoing commitment to provide our customers with everything related to the world of plants, and that includes training, attention, news, but most of all healthy and happy plants. Keeping up to date with the latest news and seasonal additions at Be.Green is as easy as visiting this section. However, we are not responsible if you crave all the new plants and want to add them to your collection.