Mother's Day

Catalogue with the best selection of plants to give to the person who has given us life. Say thank you by giving life, thank you mum!

Plants for Mother's Day

Calling and asking for a bouquet of flowers may be the quickest and easiest way to solve the Mother's Day gift issue, but it screams that you've done this at the last minute and have been too lazy to think of something more personal, with a deeper meaning and capable of symbolising the gratitude and affection you feel for the honoree. We understand you're busy, but that's no excuse. We understand that you're busy, but that's no excuse. Do you want a gift that's just as practical but more meaningful? Choose one of the Mother's Day Plants from our catalogue. ##Plants are the perfect gift Some people feel that Mother's Day is too commercial. They may have a point but it is undeniably the perfect excuse to thank and pay tribute to those women who have not only given life, but who build supportive bonds and continue to care for their children, no matter what their age. We know that a simple object cannot sum up all the love and gratitude that mothers deserve, but a plant can be the perfect gift Flowers are nice, but they have a very limited lifespan and should be thrown away. Plants will continue to grow and develop, they will not remain static but will transform with time and care. This is a beautiful metaphor for the relationship between mothers and children, which evolves as the children grow up Another great advantage of giving plants for Mother's Day is that there is an incredible variety of plants, so it will be easy to find one that suits everyone's tastes and lifestyle. In our plant catalogue you will find different types and species, grouped according to their characteristics. There are plants with beautiful flowers, but you can also find plants with lush foliage for those who prefer more tropical plants. Care is no problem. In the plant catalogue there are succulents and other species that require little attention, ideal for busy and active mothers ##Tell mum you love her with plants Plants have particular meanings. For example, within the language of flowers, pink Azaleas symbolise mother's love, with their delicate beauty and hardy nature, but also because they hold within them the sweetest and most precious nectar as mothers carry their children in their wombs. As if that were not enough, they are used to express good wishes and good luck Daisies symbolise the purest love, innocence and are therefore given to new mothers, while pink Orchids are perfect for expressing gratitude and unconditional love. Geraniums are also perfect to give to mum, as they express joy and gratitude for being with someone, that you are happy to have her in your life ##Leave it to us At Be.Green the gift options are versatile and highly customisable. Choose the plant, add accessories, such as a beautiful pot in their favourite colour, or order everything you need to create a green corner for them to rest: tables, plants and accessories. We have it all in one place. the best part? You can order from wherever you are, and we'll take care of getting it to your home in perfect condition. We take care of choosing the healthiest and most beautiful plants and we send them with great care and attention. Each plant travels protected with a very beautiful and recyclable packaging system, they are also accompanied with a card that explains their basic care, as well as another one with the dedication you ask us for. Place your order and relax, we will take care of making this day unique and special for her, because we know she deserves everything.