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The decorative pot is like a plant dress. Place your plant with the regular pot inside to give it a unique look and keep the water in after each watering.

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At Be.Green we know that the right pots and planters are an imperative requirement for happy plants. Beyond the aesthetic aspect, the right pot will allow them to grow and spread their roots with complete freedom, without limitations or excesses that affect the way they absorb nutrients and moisture. Also, pots are like that perfect dress: they will highlight all the attributes, so that gorgeous plant will look spectacular in the pot that allows it to display all the charms that nature has given it

But don't limit yourself to the functional, because a good pot will also exquisitely integrate your new plant into the environment you want. In our online shop you can find the most beautiful planters, with the trendiest finishes and for all styles: minimalist, rustic, fun, boho and much more. If you're looking to update the look of your garden, put the spotlight on your plant or simply if you're tired of seeing those uneven plastic planters that break easily, it's the perfect time to invest in decorative planters with a bit of personality. Get a set of pots in the same colour and texture for a tidier look, or play around a bit with matching styles and tones.

Take a look at our selection. We have planters in organic materials, such as wood, raffia and other natural fibres, as well as traditional ceramic and terracotta, but we want to offer a slightly broader spectrum of materials, including concrete planters, metals such as copper and alloys and resin. Want something with a modern, minimalist look, but you're concerned about the environment? Then you need our range of planters made from 100% recycled materials. Do you have a pet? Look for a tall and/or heavy decorative planter that your pet can't reach or tip over

The shape, material and design of the planter can be key elements in setting the decorative mood of a space. By coordinating a couple of accessories you can create complete environments. For example, you can take a trio of purifying plants, a few pots in neutral tones and perhaps some with a natural texture or the Buddha pot, accompany them with a duo of tribal tables, light a couple of scented candles or a diffuser and create a perfect zen space to relax and meditate. Your plants will absorb air pollution while you enjoy the greenery and take a well-deserved break from your hectic life.

Decorative pots are the finishing touch that will allow you to highlight the beauty of your plants, giving them the opportunity to become the stars of the space. Take advantage of the variety, prices and selection in our catalogue of pots to choose the most beautiful ones. Don't know which one will go with the plant you have just bought? In the tab dedicated to each plant, just below its name, you will find a list of suggestions of pots that will be perfect for it. Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any doubts, as advice is part of our service. Include the decorative pots in your orders and let us deliver them to the door of your home or office.