Amarante Planter - S/12cm
Amarante Planter - S/12cm
Amarante Planter - S/12cm
Amarante Planter - S/12cm
Amarante Planter - S/12cm Amarante Planter - S/12cm Amarante Planter - S/12cm Amarante Planter - S/12cm

Amarante Planter - S/12cm

Ideal planter for all your larger plants. A classic and necessary touch in any type of decoration.

  • Material of construction: ceramic.
  • Pot colour: orange base.
  • Decorative pot, do not water inside.

Pot size:
  • Height of the pot: 12 centimetres.
  • Inner diameter of planter: 12 centimetres.

How it works:
  • Simple and mess-free use. Insert the pot in which the nursery plant comes directly into the decorative pot.

Difference between pot and planter:
  • The pot is the plastic container in which your plant is transplanted and which allows the water to drain better during watering. It is responsible for keeping the roots healthy.
  • The pot is the container in which you place the pot inside and serves to prevent the soil from getting stained with soil and water. it also decorates and gives style to your home!
€19.00 Amarante Planter - S/12cm
This stunning planter is made of ceramic with a handmade textured finish, designed to create a truly unique feel every time you look at it.
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Introducing the Amarante Planter - S/12cm, the perfect flowerpot to add a splash of colour and charm to your home! Made from beautiful ceramic, this little beauty features a textured finish that will make your heart skip a beat. And guess what? It comes in a vibrant orange colour that will make your plants pop!

Measuring a cute and compact 12 centimetres in height and diameter, this planter is the epitome of adorable. It's just the right size to showcase your favourite small plants or succulents. Imagine how cute they'll look, nestled snugly in this delightful little home.

But wait, there's more! The Amarante Planter is not just any ordinary flowerpot. Oh no, it's a work of art. Each piece is lovingly crafted with a handmade textured finish, giving it a truly unique and one-of-a-kind appearance. It's like a little masterpiece for your plants!

When you gaze upon this planter, you can't help but feel a surge of happiness. Its vibrant orange colour is so uplifting, it's like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day. It will instantly brighten up any space and bring a burst of joy to your life. Who knew a flowerpot could have such a magical effect?

And let's not forget about the practical side. The ceramic material is not only durable, but it also retains moisture, ensuring your plants stay happy and healthy. Plus, the 12-centimetre size is perfect for small spaces like windowsills, desks, or even as a cute centerpiece on your dining table.

So, whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a newbie to the green-thumb club, the Amarante Planter - S/12cm is the ideal choice for you. It's stylish, charming, and guaranteed to make your plants feel loved. Get ready to transform your home into a botanical paradise with this little piece of ceramic heaven. Don't wait, grab yours now and let the plant-tastic journey begin!

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