Urban garden

Premium seed selection of the most popular aromatic, edible and flowering plants used in decoration - grow your own plants!

Urban garden

If you love plants and have several, you're ready for the next level: starting a crop from scratch. There is something magical and overwhelming that comes over you when you plant a seed and accompany that plant from the time it is a small sprout until it grows, flowers and bears fruit. It is a different experience, one that brings you a little closer to nature and its cycles without having to leave your home. For those who wish to experience the glorious joy of growing their own vegetables at home, or better still, having a garden of aromatic herbs, we have prepared this selection of growing kits, seeds and special sets

Growing kits are the ideal way to start your own little garden at home. Designed to be used by any member of the family, even the youngest, our sets include quality seeds with guaranteed germination, as well as the right substrate, fertilisers and everything you may need to start planting your own vegetables in pots. You can take advantage of this experience to share a special moment with children and adults

If you are one of those who don't want to complicate your life by making decisions and taking care of details, you will love the cherry tomato planting kit, which not only includes organic tomato seeds, organic substrate, charcoal and fertiliser nails, but also comes with a self-watering device that will allow you to have the right humidity levels for the plant to grow and thrive. For those who prefer herbs with medicinal properties, we have the chamomile and marigold growing kits, beautiful sets that even include a gorgeous biodegradable pot with a very delicate look that you'll love

If you want the full experience of choosing pots, finding the substrate, sowing, germinating and watching them grow, we offer the best quality seeds. We have a catalogue of basil, lettuce, mini peppers and tomato seeds. Want your selection of potted herbs for the kitchen? Then go straight for the mint, coriander and basil sets. At Be Green we offer you the substrate, pots and fertiliser you need to create the urban garden of your dreams

For those who are looking for an original detail or to surprise themselves with the result, you can use the seed lollipops. They are an original and fun version of the seed balls that are made up of a mixture of selected seeds, coconut fibre substrate and clay. You just remove the wrapping, put them in the substrate and wait for them to germinate. These great lollipops come in two flavours: Pizza, which contains tomato, oregano and basil seeds and Dessert, which has watermelon and basil seeds

At Be Green we offer a comprehensive service, so in addition to growing kits and seeds, we provide you with all the information and advice you need to successfully create your own small vegetable garden in pots. Our aim is to accompany you closely throughout the whole process, from the moment you plant the seeds and the first shoots sprout until you harvest the first fruits.

We have everything you will need for this adventure: tools, substrate, compost and fertilisers, as well as insecticides, UV lamps, humidifiers, watering cans and humidity meters. Just put what you want in your shopping cart, pay and have it delivered to your door in 24 hours or less. Everything is packaged with care, so it will arrive in perfect condition. So don't wait any longer. This is the ideal moment to start your urban garden, you have it all: the best quality materials and the best partner of all: Be Green.

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