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Set of 3 tall, purifying and hardy plants with eco-friendly pots. Ideal for offices and premises that need a touch of nature.
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Set of 3 tall, purifying and hardy plants with eco-friendly pots.
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The plants in this set add an elegant touch of nature to any space where they are placed. They adapt easily to all kinds of environments with indirect light.

The set includes

  • Kentia Palm XL with Eco XL planter
  • Ficus Lyrata XL with pot Eco XL
  • Pachira XL with pot Eco XL

About the plants in this set

Kentia Palm

It is a tropical and very decorative palm tree, which requires little care and dresses up spaces. It helps to purify the air and improve productivity. It can be used to create work space dividers.

Fits a pot of 22 - 35cm

Ficus Lyrata

An adaptable plant that does not require a lot of care and grows very tall. It brings a lot of elegance through the beauty of its leaves, regulates the humidity in the room and filters the air.

Fits in a pot of 22 - 35cm


A very durable and easy to care for plant. Its characteristic braided trunk and umbrella-shaped leaves add elegance and style to the room. An adaptable plant known for its ability to filter toxins from the air and bring relaxation.

Fits a pot of 22 - 35cm

Where to place it

This set is intended for large indoor spaces with indirect light or semi-shade that need a touch of nature. Perfect for medium to large offices where productivity and cleaner air is important.

General care
  • Light: Ideally bright indirect light or semi-shade.
  • Watering: All plants in this set require regular watering once a week. In general the key to watering is to check the soil with your fingers and water only if it is dry.
  • Moisture: spray twice a week. The plants in this set, being of tropical origin, will thank you for it.
  • Maintenance: cutting off any leaves that look a little wilted or pruning brown tips will help the plants to harness their energy better and keep the leaves healthy, beautiful and green.

  • Several studies have shown that having plants in your work area helps increase your productivity by up to 12%.
  • According to a NASA report, plants in this set purify the air and remove toxins to give you a fresher, cleaner environment.
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What Our Clients Say
By Rebeca
June 15, 2023


By Sergio
June 13, 2023

Initially it was fine, but there were some broken leaves.

By Joaquín
June 2, 2023

Efficiency, speed and perfect delivery. Goods received with care and in perfect condition.

By Jose
May 26, 2023

Well nothing, it was decided to put a plant in the living room, and once we already had a kentia, and I looked at the size, we liked it and it is in kasa, simple, easy, and fast, the plant was here in a day and a half, in perfect condition, the carrier, super friendly, and everything perfect. What more can you ask for. I am sorry I can't upload a photo because it is stuck on the site.

By Lorena
April 17, 2023

Fast shipping, good packaging

By Angela
March 22, 2023

I liked my Kentia very much, it arrived very early, the only thing was that it had a few leaves a bit damaged, I hope they will improve, for the best.

February 20, 2023

Everything is perfect! The plants are very well wrapped and are just as the picture, no surprises!!! Highly recommended and highly recommended. I will buy again. By the way the delivery was very fast! Thank you

By Eduardo
February 18, 2023

All perfect 👌🏻

By Eva
February 18, 2023

It has arrived well and very nice as seen in the photo, some broken leaves...and the pot could bring one more in accordance with the size of the pot and more resistant.

By Olga
February 14, 2023

Everything was fine, the only thing was that I didn't receive notice of the day I was to receive it, they were very quick.

By Cesar
February 13, 2023

My experience has been good

By Francisca
January 30, 2023

They are just as they look in the photos and arrive superprotected, very happy with the plants, thanks!

By Pau
November 10, 2022

The pachira arrived in very good condition and very healthy!!!!

By Mr
October 7, 2022

I would give it a 5 if you didn't have a contact phone number

By Vanessa
August 30, 2022

I bought a Palma and it arrived fast and super nice. I recommend it 🥰

By Carolina
August 15, 2022

All great, this plant is not suitable to put in a corner. Otherwise all super well

By Carmen
August 7, 2022

The plant is wonderful, bigger and more beautiful than I imagined. Its leaves are huge and shiny and it gives the living room an unbeatable look. I give it 4 stars because it arrived a day later than expected and one of the leaves at the top arrived broken. But I would still recommend it.

By Juani
July 16, 2022

This is the third time I have ordered my plants from you and I am delighted.

By Eduardo
June 26, 2022

It was for a gift and in 48 hours they made the delivery. Very good service and product ... recommend 100%

By Jomayra
June 21, 2022

Happy with my Kentia XL

By Mariona
May 8, 2022

ideal, gives a lot of life to the room

By Ana
April 22, 2022

It is beautiful and arrived perfectly

By Nuria
January 20, 2022

Everything is perfect! Thank you

By Teresa
January 16, 2022

It arrived super fast, everything was perfectly packaged and the plant is beautiful! I will order from this shop again when I need something

By Lucrecia
October 21, 2021

All good, it came correctly packed, the only thing to say is that it has some yellow tips.

By Elena
September 19, 2021

The experience could not have been better. The plants arrived beautifully. Very well packaged. I will definitely repeat. Thank you very much for the service

By David
August 21, 2021

Wonderful! The plant and the delivery! We are very happy!

By Maria
July 26, 2021

Everything is perfect! Very happy with the plants and the speed!!!!

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 With recycled cardboard packaging that we have developed to take care of your plant. 💚 Packed with tissue paper that keeps the humidity and a lot of care. 📝 Each plant includes a care card and a dedication (if you want).

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