Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Snake Plant
Snake Plant Snake Plant Snake Plant Snake Plant Snake Plant
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Sansevieria or Snake Plant also known as "lizard's tail" or "mother-in-law's tongue". It is native to Africa and Asia. Despite its amusing nicknames, it is highly valued for its decorative properties, its ability to release oxygen at night, and its very basic care.
Indirect light

Indirect light

Occasional watering

Occasional watering

Normal humidity

Normal humidity

Not suitable for pets

Not suitable for pets

22-25 cm pot

22-25 cm pot

Snake Plant

  • Pot: 18cm
  • Height: 65-75cm
  • Not suitable for children and pets, its leaves can cause stochastic discomfort if ingested in large quantities.
  • Always avoid watering this plant in excess, it prefers the drought.
  • Light: It adapts to any level of light.
  • Watering Moderate: When the substratum is drying out.
  • Humidity: It does not like to cool down, do not spray its leaves.
  • Top tip: It is an ideal little plant for the bedroom because it stores oxygen during the day and releases it all at night.
  • This plant eliminates toxins that gradually accumulate indoors. It absorbs nitrogen oxide and harmful formaldehydes floating in the air. So as well as decorating, it will keep your home free of harmful substances.
  • It is said that this plant attracts good luck and removes negative energies from the environment.

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Sansevieria or Snake Plant also known as "lizard's tail" or "mother-in-law's tongue".
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What Our Clients Say
By Maragda
April 17, 2024

As always it came perfect and the delivery was quicker than expected

By Gema
April 17, 2024

Very nice, came perfectly packaged and very fast delivery

By M
April 17, 2024

The plant arrived in two days very well packed. We left it in an area of the living room with indirect light and it has settled in perfectly. We are delighted with the service provided

By Beatriz
March 17, 2024

I have bought several times from this shop and have always been very happy. In this case I ordered a snake plant xl and the delivery was fast, the plant was very well protected, with a very good quality box and the soil covered with a damp paper. The plant came beautiful. I would highly recommend it

By Ines
February 17, 2024

Perfect condition, very good packaging and transport. Excellent quality

By Rosa
January 17, 2024

The plant arrived very well, but it didn't take 1 or 2 days, but 4. It seems that they don't deliver at the weekend

By Nuria
December 17, 2023

Very well cared for in shipping. The plant arrives in good condition

By Gurutze
November 17, 2023

It was my first experience and the truth is that I plan to repeat. All perfect.thank you

By Lorena
October 15, 2023

I really like the way it has reached me. Thank you!

By Sandra
October 15, 2023

The plant arrived perfect, shipment prepared in detail, with information about its care in a convenient and beautiful format and delivery a day ahead of schedule. I am very satisfied because it was the first time I bought from this website and I will repeat

By Nuria
October 15, 2023

I have already ordered from you more than once, although in the order I got a book with solutions about possible plant diseases as a gift, but I have not received anything, only the plant itself

By Mariló
October 15, 2023

I received my order in a very short time. Everything was very well packaged and the plants very well protected, the calathea and snakes are very nice!

By Angeles
September 15, 2023

Super happy. Prices

By Maria
August 15, 2023

Fast service, super careful packaging Product just as I saw it in the picture Thank you

By Susana
August 15, 2023

The experience has been very satisfactory, I will definitely come back.

By Maria
August 15, 2023

It's great, it's original and it's a hit

By Esther
July 15, 2023

All very well

By Josefina
April 15, 2023

Arrived promptly and very well packaged

By Luciano
April 15, 2023

Perfect delivery. Price of the products, somewhat expensive

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 Our recycled cardboard packaging protects and cares for your plant during shipping. 💚 Includes a QR to the care guide and access to the Plant Doctor for all kinds of queries. 📝 You can also add a dedication at the time of purchase, perfect for special gifts.

Introducing the incredible Snake Plant: Sansivieria! This bad boy is not just any old plant, oh no! It's practically immortal and an absolute oxygen bomb. Standing tall at a majestic 65 centimetres and boasting a diameter of 18 centimetres, this plant is a real showstopper.

Let's talk nicknames, because this plant has got some cracking ones. Some folks call it the "lizard's tail", while others prefer "mother-in-law's tongue" - how's that for a conversation starter? But don't let the amusing names fool you, this plant is seriously sought after for its decorative prowess and its ability to release oxygen like there's no tomorrow.

Hailing from the wilds of Africa and Asia, the Snake Plant brings a touch of exotic charm to any space. It's like having a little piece of the tropics right in your own home. And here's the best part - caring for this bad boy couldn't be easier. Seriously, even if you struggle to keep a cactus alive, the Snake Plant will be your new best friend.

Not only does this plant look stunning, but it also works hard to keep your air clean and fresh. Yep, you heard that right - it's an oxygen bomb! That means while you're catching some Z's at night, the Snake Plant is busy releasing oxygen, ensuring you wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day.

So whether you're a seasoned plant parent or a newbie looking to dip your toes into the world of greenery, the Snake Plant: Sansivieria is the perfect addition to your collection. It's low-maintenance, it's vibrant, and it's guaranteed to bring a touch of life to any room. Don't miss out on this oxygen-boosting, conversation-starting, immortal beauty! Get yours today and let the Snake Plant work its magic.

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