Soil Booster 1000ml
Soil Booster 1000ml
Soil Booster 1000ml Soil Booster 1000ml

Soil Booster 1000ml

SOIL BOOSTER organic fertiliser is a 100% natural organic fertiliser. It is a by-product resulting from the bioconversion of agro-industrial waste by the controlled action of the insect Hermetia illuscens, in a process of economic circularity. It is a product rich in organic matter and nutritionally balanced, containing the main macro and micronutrients for plants. A perfect gift for plant lovers.

What it is used for
Organic compost feeds the potting soil by replenishing it with the most important nutrients for plants. Its high organic matter content improves the structure of the potting soil, maintaining good water holding capacity and adequate aeration. It also has a positive effect on the plants' natural defences.

100% insect humus.

Instructions for use

  • Every two to three months, spread a portion on the pot surface around the plant and mix lightly with potting soil.
  • Water carefully to prevent the product from floating out of the pot.
  • Any odour that may be released in the sealed container dissipates quickly when applied as suggested.
€29.00 Soil Booster 1000ml
100% natural organic fertilizer soil enhancer insect humus 1000 ml.
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Introducing the Soil Booster 1000ml, the ultimate game-changer for your garden! This little gem is a 100% natural organic fertilizer soil enhancer that will make your plants leap for joy. We're talking about a whopping 1000ml of pure goodness, packed with all the nutrients your plants need to thrive.

Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, shall we? This soil enhancer is made from the finest ingredients found in Mother Nature's pantry. We've got all the good stuff in there - no nasty chemicals or artificial nonsense. Just pure, unadulterated organic goodness that your plants will thank you for.

You see, plants are just like us - they need a little boost every now and then. And that's where our Soil Booster comes in. It's like giving your plants a big, warm hug from the inside. It nourishes the soil, giving your plants the nutrients they need to grow big and strong. Say goodbye to dull, lackluster plants and hello to a lush, vibrant garden!

But that's not all, folks. Our Soil Booster is also a champion when it comes to fighting off those pesky insects. It's like having a secret weapon in your gardening arsenal. Those creepy crawlies won't stand a chance against the power of our Soil Booster. It's like a forcefield for your plants, keeping them safe and sound.

And let's not forget about the incredible humus in this bottle. Humus is like a superfood for your soil. It improves its structure, increases water retention, and helps your plants absorb nutrients more efficiently. It's like giving your soil a spa treatment, leaving it refreshed and rejuvenated.

Now, we know what you're thinking - "But how do I use this magical elixir?" Well, fear not! It's as easy as pie. Just grab your trusty watering can, mix the Soil Booster with water according to the instructions, and give your plants a good soak. It's like giving them a little sip of paradise.

So whether you're a seasoned gardener or a complete newbie, the Soil Booster 1000ml is the answer to all your gardening dreams. It's like having a green thumb in a bottle. So go ahead, give your plants the love they deserve and watch them flourish like never before. Your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood, and you'll be grinning from ear to ear. Get your hands on the Soil Booster 1000ml today and let the magic begin!

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