Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can
Peace Watering can Peace Watering can Peace Watering can Peace Watering can Peace Watering can Peace Watering can
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give your plants the water they need with this cheerful watering can for indoor plants!
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Peace Watering can

give your plants the water they need with this designer watering can made of metal, ideal for all indoor plants!

  • Material of construction, metal.
  • Colour, emerald green.
  • Modern design, ideal for all plant sizes and decorations.
  • 1.5 litre capacity.

How it works
  • The watering can is designed for all those plants that do not like to get their leaves wet.
  • To fill it with water, you don't have to disassemble it, just pour the water through the widest hole.
  • Fill the watering can with one and a half litres of water.
  • Make sure it is firmly gripped by the handle before watering.
  • Water your plants at a distance of 5 to 10 centimetres.

Benefits of precision watering
  • Plants that do not tolerate humidity are more tolerant of direct watering to the substrate.
  • Watering is essential for plant development
  • Leaves are essential for photosynthesis, keeping them healthy is essential for the survival of the plant.
  • Knowing whether or not your plant can tolerate moisture in its leaves is necessary for it to live a healthy and happy life.

Plants that like precision watering
  • Snake Plant
  • Raven Plant
  • Blue Star Fern
  • Aloe Vera
  • Cactus

  • It is 19 cm high and holds 1.5 litres of water inside.
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Introducing the Peace Watering can - the perfect companion for all you plant lovers out there! Made with precision and crafted from sturdy metal, this watering can is here to bring peace and tranquillity to your indoor garden. And let's not forget its fabulous rustic green colour, adding a touch of nature's charm to your watering routine!

Measuring a compact 12 centimetres, this little gem is the ideal size to fit comfortably in your hand, making watering a breeze. With a generous capacity of 1.5 litres, it's got enough room to store plenty of water for all your thirsty plants. No need to make multiple trips back and forth to the tap!

But what sets this watering can apart from the rest is its cheerful disposition. It radiates positivity and spreads good vibes wherever it goes. Just imagine the joyous feeling you'll get as you water your beloved plants with this delightful can. It's like giving them a refreshing drink of happiness!

Whether you're a seasoned plant parent or just starting your indoor garden journey, the Peace Watering can is here to make your life easier and your plants happier. Its precision design ensures that every drop of water reaches exactly where it's needed, giving your green friends the nourishment they crave.

But it's not just about functionality; this watering can is a statement piece. Its rustic green colour adds a touch of vintage charm to any space, making it a stylish addition to your home decor. It's like a breath of fresh air for your plants and your living space!

So, why settle for a plain old watering can when you can have the Peace Watering can? It's the perfect blend of beauty and practicality, bringing joy and serenity to your indoor gardening routine. Give your plants the love they deserve and watch them thrive with this little gem by your side.

Get your hands on the Peace Watering can today and let the watering adventures begin!

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