Daphne DIY Terrarium
Daphne DIY Terrarium
Daphne DIY Terrarium
Daphne DIY Terrarium
Daphne DIY Terrarium Daphne DIY Terrarium Daphne DIY Terrarium
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Includes: Recycled glass terrarium, perlite, substrate, activated carbon, extendable rake, extendable shovel and a funnel to fill the terrarium.
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Daphne DIY Terrarium

The perfect home for any plant and the most natural and elegant decoration.

Terrariums are spaces that create a microclimate and an ideal environment for the survival and growth of mini plants. Their low maintenance requirements make them the perfect choice for those plant lovers and plant decoration enthusiasts who are just starting out in this world.

Glass Terrarium
  • The terrarium is made of recycled glass without any opening in the centre, which allows the creation of a special microclimate and humidity levels that are perfect for the growth and health of any plant or cuttings. The capacity of the terrarium is 3 litres. Includes a cork stopper to close it.

  • Includes a bag of substrate sufficient to fill the terrarium below the opening. The substrate is high drainage and includes perlite.

Active Charcoal
  • Includes a bag with enough activated charcoal for the 3 litres of terrarium. Activated charcoal is used in terrariums to remove excess moisture that is generated in the microclimate and even get rid of the musty smell that may be created inside.

  • Includes a bag of perlite sufficient to aerate the terrarium substrate and prevent caking. Ideal to facilitate the survival and growth of your plants in the terrarium.

Squeegee and Extendable Spade
  • Two necessary and essential tools for setting up and maintaining your terrarium. Remove and place your plant with the help of the scraper. Fill the terrarium with the shovel and don't get dirty.

How to create your Terrarium
  • Place the entire bag of perlite at the base of the terrarium to encourage drainage of the substrate.
  • With the perlite scattered around the base of the Terrarium, fill the extendable shovel with activated carbon and sprinkle it on top of the perlite.
  • Carefully empty the bag of substrate and fill the Terrarium with the substrate using the spout. The amount in the bag is enough to fill it halfway.
  • If you have some beads left over, you can place them on top of the substrate.
  • Carefully insert the plant or cuttings and with the help of the extendable rake insert them into the terrarium and leave them firmly in place.
  • Water your terrarium with a precision watering can, put the cap on it and place it where you like it best.
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