Watering can Hamburg
Watering can Hamburg
Watering can Hamburg
Watering can Hamburg Watering can Hamburg Watering can Hamburg
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give your plants the water they need with this designer watering can ideal for all indoor and outdoor plants!
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Watering can Hamburg

This unique zinc watering can has an ideal design for precision watering and rain effect watering of large and medium sized plants.

  • Material of manufacture, zinc throughout the watering can.
  • The watering can spout is long and narrow, making it ideal for watering of any kind.
  • The nozzle of the watering can is removable, allowing you to water in rain effect by keeping the nozzle on or in precision effect by removing the nozzle.
  • The precision watering in this watering can allows you to reach directly to the root of the plant, regardless of the amount of soil drainage. It will also allow you to water your plants with a touch of style thanks to its simple and elegant design.
Benefits of diffuser watering
  • Plants that need a high level of humidity will grow much healthier and greener if their leaves are wet.
  • Moisture is essential for plant growth Moisturising the leaves provides extra vitamins.
  • Leaves are essential for photosynthesis, keeping them healthy is essential for the survival of the plant.
Plants that like moisture
  • Ferns
  • Marantas
  • Calatheas
  • Palms
  • Height of the watering can: 30 centimetres.
  • Width of watering can: 63 centimetres.
  • Shower head capacity: 4 and a half litres,
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