Plants to naturally scent your home

One of my household goals is that as soon as I open the door to my flat, a delicious scent wafts out. While this is easy to achieve with air fresheners and scented candles, these artificial perfumes often have unhealthy consequences for you and your pets. The solution is somewhat obvious: take advantage of the properties of certain aromatic plants to scent the home naturally.

Plants with delicious scents

There are hundreds of plants with exquisite aromas, but not all of them are suitable for indoor cultivation, especially since most flowering plants have rather demanding lighting requirements. Aromatic plants are best grown in pots, but these are not always scents that we want to have indoors, but rather are better suited to the kitchen environment. Choose the one with the scent you like best, but remember not to put more than a couple of different plants together in the same room because the mix of smells can be overwhelming.

  • Lavender

Lavender is a favourite for scenting bedrooms, as its fragrance induces a state of calm and relaxation. It is perfect for people who suffer from anxiety or have trouble falling asleep. It needs a lot of light, hopefully direct sunlight, and controlled watering and drainage.

  • Mint and spearmint

Peppermint and spearmint have a sweet, fresh scent, which intensifies every time a breeze brushes against their leaves. You will love their fragrance. It needs plenty of light, but indirect light because the sun burns it. It needs moderate watering. You can prune it frequently so that it spreads out across the width of the pot or let it hang as it likes, which is magnificent as it will give off its aroma better.

  • Begoña tea rose

This variety of Begoña stands out for its small and abundant pink flowers. It requires medium lighting, protection from draughts and sufficient humidity. It needs regular watering and fertilising during the growing season to give you hundreds of flowers.

  • Melissa or lemon balm

This aromatic plant is very rustic and easy to look after. It requires abundant light and is not very demanding when it comes to watering. It grows tall if you don't prune the tips frequently and produces pretty little purple flowers. It has a fresh, citrusy, delicious scent that you can also use in herbal teas to soothe menstrual cramps and anxiety.

  • Indoor lemon tree

There are citrus species that resist being grown in large pots. The scent of their leaves is delicious and when they bloom, it is incredible. They need abundant light, can withstand direct sunlight and can be grown on terraces and balconies. The substrate must have very good drainage and you should water them abundantly.

  • Orchids

There are orchid species that have exquisite aromas, such as the Chocolate Orchid, which smells of vanilla and chocolate, while others smell more floral and delicate. It requires a lot of light, frequent watering and a lot of humidity. In return you will receive the most beautiful and fragrant flowers.

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