Small but mighty: small plants for all your spaces

One of the great evils of our generation is that we live in small, if not tiny, spaces, especially in big cities. From studio floors to office cubicles. This has made us reevaluate all our decorative and stylistic decisions, see that we are no longer able to put a large zen fountain or for a 6-seater modular sofa. But this doesn't mean that you should resign yourself to living in a grey and hyper-minimalist cell, because you can always decorate with small plants.

A group of well-placed plants will be enough to bring life and color to your home and office. The best part? You won't have to spend a fortune and you will be able to take advantage of other benefits that come with them. We tell you which plants you can buy according to the conditions of your space and your lifestyle.

Why have small plants at home?

Wherever you

see a plant, you know that there is life, that there is hope. Plants are living beings, they are in constant growth and development, with their own cycles and even flowering. More than a static decorative element, they become elements that can give color and vitality to your spaces. There is something about the green of seedlings that, regardless of size, makes humans feel positive emotions, as evidenced by several scientific studies.



purifying plants, which take harmful particles from the environment and process them, while others are responsible for improving ambient humidity levels. If the space is small, then the positive effect of this type of plant will be much more powerful.

Caring for


plant gives you a sense of purpose that is very satisfying. On the other hand, our primitive brain still associates the green of plants with a sense of calm and tranquility; while working with your plant (watering, pruning, and even transplanting) is a relaxing task, which reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure. No lamp or sculpture can do so much for you.



may already know, there are hundreds of species of indoor plants, of different sizes and requirements; so you're sure to find one that fits in that 2x2 cubicle you call an office and where a desk barely fits. Small plants are beautiful and usually have a very good price, so you can decorate your spaces without having to leave a small fortune. You can start looking for your next green best friend using our smart search engine.

Choose Your Small and Mighty Plant

  • Poto

This is perfect if you are just starting out in the world of plants or if you are an expert at killing them. It's super easy to care for, resists use and abuse, adapts to almost any lighting condition, and you can place it on any surface. In fact, you could grab a bookshelf and let it grow down like a waterfall. It's a nice effect and doesn't take up a lot of space, plus you don't have to water it too much. As if that weren't enough, it's very easy to reproduce so you can give cuttings to your friends.

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Resistant and for beginners
Nauru Basket - XXL/30cm
Jute with plastic lining

  • Cacti Cacti

are one of my favorites, because they have very interesting geometric shapes, they can grow in small pots (you can get creative with this. I've planted cacti in teacups that have broken and look beautiful) and require virtually no care. They need to be watered very little and do not need to be fertilized frequently, they just require spaces with good lighting. As they are so small, they are perfect for amortizing vertical space: take advantage of shelves and shelves to put them. For example, you have this circular set ready to hang.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Cartagena Basket - XL/28cm
Mediterranean style basket planter XL
Prayer plant
Humidifies and cleans the air

  • If

you want to attract prosperity without filling your space with decorative charms that take up a lot of space, the pilea will be your perfect companion. It adapts to any type of environment, even those with little light. You should water it a couple of times a week and spray its leaves from time to time to maintain its moisture. It reproduces easily and will not grow more than 30 centimeters tall.

  • This

fern is fabulous because it has purifying properties, so not only will it decorate your spaces with its curly and small leaves, but it will also bring humidity and freshness to your home. It likes humidity, so it will look perfect in the bathroom or anywhere with soft indirect light. You should water it a couple of times a week and replant if you see that it has grown too large for its pot. You can also hang it up and it looks beautiful.

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