Small but mighty: small plants for all spaces

One of the great ills of our generation is that we live in cramped, if not tiny spaces, especially in big cities. From studio flats to office cubicles. This has made us re-evaluate all our decorative and stylistic choices, as we can no longer afford a large zen fountain or a 6-seater modular sofa. But this doesn't mean that you have to resign yourself to living in a grey, hyper-minimalist cell, because you can always decorate with small plants.

A group of well-placed plants will be enough to bring life and colour to your home and office. the best part? You won't have to spend a fortune and you can take advantage of the other benefits they bring with them. We tell you which plants you can buy depending on the conditions of your space and your lifestyle.

why have small plants at home?

They make you happy

Wherever you see a plant, you know there is life, there is hope. Plants are living beings, they are in constant growth and development, with their own cycles and even blooms. More than a static decorative element, they become elements that can bring colour and vitality to your spaces. There is something about the greenery of plants that, regardless of size, makes humans feel positive emotions, as several scientific studies have shown.

They improve the air

There are purifying plants, which take harmful particles from the environment and process them, while others are responsible for improving the ambient humidity levels. If the space is small, then the positive effect of such plants will be much more powerful.

Combat fatigue and stress

Caring for a plant gives you a sense of purpose that is very satisfying. Moreover, our primitive brain still associates the green of plants with a sense of calm and tranquillity; while working with your plant (watering, pruning and even transplanting) is a relaxing task, which reduces stress levels and lowers blood pressure. No lamp or sculpture can do so much for you.

They are cheap and fit anywhere

As you know, there are hundreds of species of houseplants, of different sizes and requirements, so you're bound to find one that will fit in that 2x2 cubicle you call an office where you can barely fit a desk. Small plants are beautiful and often very well priced, so you can decorate your space without having to spend a small fortune. You can start looking for your next green best friend by using our smart search engine.

Choose your small and mighty plant

  • Potato

This one is perfect if you're new to plants or if you're an expert plant killer. It's easy to care for, stands up to use and abuse, adapts to almost any lighting conditions and can be placed on any surface. In fact, you could take a shelf and let it grow downwards like a waterfall. It's a nice effect and doesn't take up much space, plus you don't have to water it too much. On top of that, it's very easy to reproduce so you can give cuttings to your friends.

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€27.00 €24.30
Resistant and for beginners
Bonsai 7 years old Acer pa...
An exclusive bonsai

  • Cactus

Cacti are one of my favourites, because they have such interesting geometric shapes, they can be grown in small pots (you can get creative with this one. I've planted cacti in broken teacups and they look beautiful) and they require virtually no care. They need very little watering and don't need frequent fertilising, they just need well-lit spaces. As they are so small, they are perfect for making the most of vertical space: take advantage of shelves and ledges to put them on. For example, you have this circular set ready to hang.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Immortal Cactus Trio
€29.00 €26.10
Three tropical cacti
White Orchid
€34.00 €30.60
Delicate and purifying

  • Chinese money plant

If you want to attract prosperity without filling your space with decorative amulets that take up a lot of space, the pilea will be your perfect companion. It adapts to any kind of environment, even those with little light. It should be watered a couple of times a week and its leaves should be sprayed from time to time to keep them moist. It reproduces easily and will not grow more than 30 centimetres tall.

  • Culantrillo fern

This fern is fabulous because it has purifying properties, so not only will it decorate your space with its curly, tiny leaves, but it will also bring humidity and freshness to your home. It likes humidity, so it will look great in the bathroom or anywhere with soft indirect light. It should be watered a couple of times a week and repotted if it has grown too big for its pot. You can also hang it up and it looks beautiful.

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