A selection of the most exciting and sought-after orchids for lovers of flowering plants - get yours and fill your home with harmony!


It is impossible not to fall in love with the symmetrical beauty of orchids. These flowers are elegant, sophisticated and unique; not for nothing are they the choice of many when it comes to offering a unique and delicate gift. There are at least 25,000 species, thousands of hybrids and although they have a reputation for being difficult, there are actually varieties that are very easy to keep at home. If you want to fill your home with the delicate beauty of orchids, at Be Green you will find the species that will be happy living with you, plus we have everything you need to grow them.

Beautiful and healthy orchids

Although orchids are of tropical origin, there are species that adapt very well to different environmental conditions. At Be Green we have the varieties that will live happily in our climate. We know that there are unscrupulous people who sell orchids that die after a short time because they are not suitable for these latitudes; but if you buy ours you can be confident that you will have a plant that will live with you for a long time if you take care of it properly

We teach you how to take care of it

don't know anything about plants and flowers? Then we'll teach you everything you need to know to become an expert. We know that flowering plants can be a bit intimidating, especially if they have a reputation for being capricious like orchids, but don't worry, we will be with you throughout the whole process of buying and adapting the plant to the environment. You can visit our blog and learn all the details you need to know about your orchid, and as soon as you get your hands on it you will receive a card with the basic care explained, so that you don't forget anything and can give it everything you need The perfect gift

Forget about buying flowers that die after a few days, put an orchid in your life and you will have its beauty and perfume for months, for years. Orchids are the ideal gift. They have different meanings depending on their colour: red ones are perfect to show passionate love, pink orchids are perfect to give to brides and when courting someone, as they are symbols of beauty and seduction; while white ones represent purity, elegance and immortal love. Violets are suitable for celebrations and more solemn occasions, as they are a symbol of spiritual transcendence, but also indicate respect and appreciation. You can give an orchid plant as a gift to your favourite person to celebrate a special occasion; and well, you can also give this gift to yourself, because no one deserves it more than you

Home delivery

At Be Green we are committed to making your life even easier and happier, so we have an online shopping system that will allow you to choose the most beautiful orchid, a matching pot, plus all the accessories that your heart desires and you will receive them at home in 24 hours or less. Do you want to show off with an amazing gift? Then let us know and we will deliver it wherever you indicate, we can even include a card with the dedication of your choice

We pack with care

We have created a beautiful packaging system, all made from recyclable materials and so well designed that it will be able to protect your plant and its delicate flowers all the way to their new home. You'll be overjoyed when you open the box and discover your new plant between layers of tissue paper. You will also find a personalised card with all the basic care instructions for your orchid, as well as a little card with a dedication, if you wish. We take care of all the details because we want to make receiving your plant a happy event.