Dive into the world of plant care with our premium selection of plant care tools - your plant deserves the best!


The secret to spectacular plants is attention to detail. Learning to observe them and understand their needs is the first step, but to be able to provide them with everything they require in an efficient way it is essential to have the right tools. Some people improvise, but nothing will reward your efforts like having the right tools for the job

Investing in specialised gardening tools saves you time and effort. Using the right tool makes the job much easier and more effective, which in the long run will translate into happier, healthier plants. It sounds trivial, but the truth is that when you have to go through a series of cumbersome steps to complete a task, you're likely to give up after a short time

For example, if every time you want to spray a little water on your precious tropical plants you have to find a saucer of water and splash them with your hands or improvise with something else, at some point you will give up because it is cumbersome and inefficient. As a result, your plants will not have enough moisture and could die. What a difference it makes to have a water sprinkler to spray whenever you need to. It will take literally seconds to do it and if you buy one of the ones we offer, it will look great and you will want to leave it next to your plants all the time.

Another great advantage of having gardening tools is that you will be able to do maintenance and care tasks as they should be done. Take the watering of succulent or succulent plants, such as Aloe Vera, for example. Water should never get on the leaves of this species of plant as they become stained and can rot from excess moisture. If you water with whatever container you have at hand, you may accidentally wet the plant. With a watering can, like the beauties we have in our Care section, it is easier to direct the watering water to the base of the plant

The right tools and accessories can also help you succeed with your garden care, especially if you are a beginner. One of the main causes of plant death is watering, either too much or too little. Don't kill your plants with thirst or drown them, buy one of the moisture indicators in our online shop and water just when your plant needs it

It seems that we are slaves of our spaces to choose the plants we can have, but the truth is that with the right tools you can create the conditions to adopt all the plants your heart desires. Would you like to have a sun plant indoors, but you live in a cave? Don't hesitate, you can have that nice rosemary or any other medicinal or dream plant if you get one of the grow lamps, which also serve to keep your plants happy during the harsh, dark winter. Need humidity? Go for a humidifier. Do you have a bad memory? Use a self-watering accessory. Everything is delivered to your door, no matter where you are

The best part of shopping at Be Green is that we offer you the advice to choose the perfect tools to meet your needs and solve your problems. Plus you can buy everything in one place: plants, pots and tools. Everything is carefully packed so that it arrives in perfect condition in 24 hours or less. We have everything you need to take care of your green companions. With your planting enthusiasm and our full support you can watch them grow and become another source of happiness.