5 plants that bring love

Plants are real living beings, known for their many properties and, in particular, for the accentuation of different energies and emotions. On the occasion of this Valentine's Day, we are going to present you some plants that symbolise and make this beautiful feeling of love blossom ❤️


The rose is the symbol of desire and love in all its aspects. They are usually given as a gift to express an intense and strong feeling. Therefore, having a rose bush at home or in your garden attracts and fills your home with love.

Anthurium Red

The anthurium attracts good luck and energies that strengthen romantic relationships. Its flowers are shaped like big hearts, and combined with the colour red, it gives the room a very romantic atmosphere. It is a perfect plant for Valentine's Day and relationship anniversaries. It symbolises endless love.


Orchids symbolise beauty, seduction and passion. In a general way, they strengthen relationships, because they allow to create a more peaceful and harmonious environment to live in.

Red Azalea

The azalea is a symbol of positivity and good development of events. It is often given as a gift on wedding anniversaries, because they symbolise lasting and passionate love.


Giving a bonsai to the person you love is an act of love. It is also a symbol of loyalty, patience and a prosperous future for the couple. A way of showing affection and the importance of the relationship.

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