Design and decoration with plants

The simplest, most cost-effective and efficient way to give a place style and personality is to strategically place a few beautiful plants in suitable pots. A plant is capable of elevating the atmosphere, transforming spaces and breathing life into them. More than a static decorative object, a plant is a living thing that is constantly growing and changing. Not only can it become more luxuriant, but it can also produce flowers that will bring more colours and shapes.

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Plant Trio: Elegant Purifi...
€66.00 €59.40
Three purification plants.
an exotic touch!

Plants are your allies in offering a sense of decoration and dimension. Their shapes, colours, sizes and arrangement, combined with pots and accessories in the right colours and shapes, can create incredible lines. And this is one of the most important basic precepts of interior decoration, as it is the lines that will define the space. The objects that you will use to give a thematic sense to the decoration will be distributed in a way that invites the eye to follow them, giving coherence to the space. Lines are the element you can play with to create movement, personality and character.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Prayer plant
Humidifies and cleans the air
€52.00 €46.80
Purifying and resistant

Plants are your allies in decoration and design. Few elements with such a low price are so versatile: do you want to create a warm and cosy atmosphere? Plants that grow low and sideways are perfect for this. Use duos or trios of plants to play with the symmetry of the room and don't forget colourful plants, such as Calatheas, to brighten up spaces. Use the wavy lines of a Blue Star fern to create movement.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Calathea Medallion
Regulates humidity
Calathea lancifolia
Delicate and eye-catching

Use tall plants to visually lengthen spaces. You can use Sansevierias with pedestal pots to elevate them, as their vertical lines will give you this sense of grandeur. Install hanging plants to take advantage of high ceilings, drawing attention to them and offering a sense of spaciousness and freedom, without looking deserted or boring.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Snake Plant
An oxygen pump
Dracaena Fragrans
Easy to care for and purifying

But don't stop with just the right plant species. Be.Green transcends the concept of the virtual nursery, to offer you tools for interior and garden design. We understand that your décor is a direct expression of certain aspects of your personality, which is why we strive to maintain a catalogue of trendy, fun and versatile accessories, in which you are sure to find the perfect complement that will bring the whole ensemble together.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Kentia Palm
€70.00 €63.00
Tropical and purifying
Parlor Palm
Hard-wearing and indoor

Find in our accessories catalogue the pots with the perfect material, finish and colour to harmonise with the colour palette you have chosen for that space. Be.Green also offers you bedside tables, shelves and baskets that will complement the decorative style you have chosen. But you don't need to create a design plan like an expert either. We promise you that if you choose a couple of elements and a few plants that you feel match (and that will survive in the conditions of your space) you will be able to set up a green corner for your home. We have it all, even the advice: you design and dream it, Be.Green gives you the plants and accessories you need to make it happen.

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