Giving plants as a Valentine's Day gift

There are two types of people: those who love Valentine's Day and those who pass on Valentine's Day, characterising themselves as commercial. Regardless of which group that person who has captivated your heart belongs to, giving them a surprise on this day is always a nice excuse to remind them of how they make you feel. do you want to stand out from the rest with a romantic, original and lasting gift? Then give plants for Valentine's Day.

why give plants for Valentine's Day?

There are traditional gifts: flowers, chocolates and jewellery, to name but a few, that are well received but imply that you haven't made much effort to choose something typical. It's as if you've forgotten and at the last minute you've gone to any supermarket to buy a generic heart-shaped box of chocolates. If you like that person so much, love them so much and they are so important in your life, you need to do something more. Remember: the best Valentine's Day gifts, the ones that leave a mark, are the ones that have a meaning that transcends the object.

If you are looking for a meaningful gift, what better metaphor for a relationship than a plant? Plants are living things, they are constantly growing, they don't have an expiry date like flowers, and they are not a generic gift like chocolates. As long as they are given a little water, care and attention, they will continue to develop for a long time. Just like the love of a couple.

is your special someone a bit of a romantic type? Then you can show them that you appreciate them by giving them plants that help to purify the environment. If he or she is a very trendy person, who is always on the lookout for the latest trends, a snake plant would be a nice addition to his or her decor. There is a plant for every taste, need and relationship.

the best part of giving plants as gifts? You don't have to go far to buy them, as you can buy them from the comfort of your own home and have them delivered wherever and to whomever you want. In fact, if you're in a long distance relationship, you can have the plant that most defines you delivered with a romantic message to their door.

The best plants for Valentine's Day

  • Anthurium:

Anthurium has a wonderful red flower, perfect for these dates and has the advantage of being a plant with lots of colour and lots of flowers, which grows quite a lot and is very easy to care for. It is perfect for those people who love flowers and living plants. They give off a beautiful scent and a powerful passion red colour, which will remind that special someone how much you love them. As if that wasn't enough, this plant is able to lose and generate the flower every season on its own. Valentine's Day gives you permission to be as cheesy and romantic as you like, so pair it with a heart-shaped gift of vibrant red tissue paper.

  • Monstera:

If the love of your life is one of those people who lives for aesthetics, loves taking photos and their preferred social network is Instagram, then they're sure to have seen a luscious Monstera or Adam's Rib, the most photogenic and popular houseplant. And how could it not be, when it's big, leafy and beautiful, just like the love you feel. This plant is perfect for those who love green, who love nature, who like things big, opulent, and a bit exotic. It is easy to care for and very beautiful.

one last piece of advice? If you take into account the conditions of the home (or office) of the person who will receive the gift and accompany it with some personal detail, such as a pot of their favourite colour, and tell them why you have chosen that plant, you will make the gift even more unique and special.

  • Hoya heart:

This plant is the epitome of the romantic Valentine's Day gift. First of all, it is heart-shaped. You would be giving a beautiful green heart, which is alive and still growing; a fantastic symbol of your love. do you want more? This plant is a succulent and is practically indestructible, just like your love. Yes, this is all a bit cheesy, but it's a very pretty plant, easy to care for and the perfect size to place anywhere.

Put it in a pot in your loved one's favourite colour and pair it with a box of chocolates and you have the best of both worlds: it's an unexpected twist on the classic romantic gift. In fact, I would buy two, to symbolise the couple and thus fulfil the precept of feng-shui, which calls for the purchase of gifts in equal numbers to those of the partners in the relationship, so if there is a friend among you, I would buy two. so if you have a furry friend or a funny little one between you, you should buy two, three or four Hoya Hearts to balance the energy of all parties in the relationship.

In addition, succulents and cacti are very fashionable as they are easy to care for, have interesting shapes and take up little space, which is important for those of us who live in small or shared flats. Cacti are the perfect Valentine's Day gift for those people who are a little allergic to romance but still appreciate such a special gift. The cactus has a hard exterior, but a soft and tender interior. Accompanied by a nice pot, it will become a reminder of your presence in their life. Also, if you place it near the window or door, it is a protective amulet to ward off bad energies.

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