Plants that repel mosquitoes: the best natural insecticides!

Today we are going to talk about plants that repel mosquitoes. here are our tips for a summer free of mosquito bites!

The 12 best plants to ward off mosquitoes

Nobody knows why some people are bitten by mosquitoes and others are not. If you are in the first group, you will know from your own experience that a sting from these tiny demonic beings can make your day at the beach end in the hospital due to an allergic reaction, or make you go crazy because of the unbearable stinging.

however, there is still time to prevent these undesirable effects thanks to the natural power of plants!
  • Citronella

Its name is probably familiar to you as it is present in a large number of repellents: sprays, bracelets, candles, etc. Its strong scent has the ability to mask any other odours that might attract mosquitoes. Just place a few of them around your terrace, on your balcony or even in your bedroom or living room, as an ornamental element in a pretty pot.

As well as being effective and decorative, citronella needs very little care to give off its full scent from its pot or planter.
  • Rosemary

Rosemary is another of our favourite "super plants": it enhances the flavour of food, is an excellent natural air freshener and has soothing, purifying and diuretic properties, among other medicinal uses. As if all this were not enough, it is super-resistant to all kinds of weather conditions, including frost or the intense summer sun.

a real all-rounder that you can have both outdoors and indoors!
  • Mint

we continue with our selection of multi-purpose plants! The smell of mint is highly appreciated by the human sense of smell, but flying insects, including mosquitoes, can't stand it. Its fresh scent and flavour are also used as a natural air freshener and as a garnish for food and drinks.

fancy a mojito on your mosquito-free terrace?
  • Lavender

The properties of lavender for general wellbeing are well known. Both its smell and its colour have relaxing effects. In infusion, its leaves are an effective anti-depressant remedy. If you add to all this that its stylised flowers are very decorative, and that its effectiveness as an insect repellent is more than good, you will see that you have many reasons to have them at home.

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  • Marigold

Marigolds are so pretty that as well as being a powerful insect repellent, they will brighten up your eyes and your sense of smell. Place them as a barrier on balconies, doors and generally anywhere you don't want invading mosquitoes to enter.

  • Catnip

these herbaceous plants are well known to cat owners! They give off a scent that attracts them irremissibly and then provokes a state of "high" that has earned them the name of "the cat drug". Scientific studies have shown that catnip is more effective at repelling mosquitoes than DEET (the most commonly used insecticide). But be aware.

Keep in mind that with this plant you will say goodbye to mosquitoes... and welcome all the felines around you!
  • Pennyroyal

Although its flowers are very small, its fragrance is powerful enough to repel small insects such as fleas and mosquitoes... and to attract butterflies. Pennyroyal is also an effective remedy for stomach aches and menstrual cramps.

  • Garlic

With garlic, you will get rid of the bites of two types of flying bugs at the same time: vampires and mosquitoes. You don't even have to sow them: just scatter a few on the ground and their smell will make the bloodsuckerslook for other victims far away from your domain.

  • Melissa

This herb has multiple health benefits: it has relaxing properties, regulates blood pressure and fights migraines, among other benefits. Its intense lemony fragrance repels mosquitoes. Due to its rapid growth, it is advisable to keep it under control in pots and planters, if you do not want to end up invaded by lemon balm.

  • Basil

Basil is much more than just the star ingredient in pesto sauce. With its smell, it is also capable of erecting a powerful barrier to keep out the evil insects that attack us at night and with malice aforethought. Just place a few plants, or scatter leaves in "strategic" places such as doors and windows, to make your enemies retreat.

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  • Geranium

One of the most common sights in the villages of southern Spain are the colourful and cheerful geraniums. However, their presence in Andalusian patios and houses is not only due to aesthetic reasons but also to their effective power as an anti-mosquito repellent. If we add to this their attractiveness and the fact that they are very easy to look after,

you no longer have any excuse to make your garden the envy of the neighbourhood!
  • Damask

Coumarin (a substance released by this plant) is, together with citronella extract, the most widely used natural insect repellent in the manufacture of anti-mosquito products. Its beautiful, intense lavender-coloured leaves also have a high aesthetic and decorative value to enhance your favourite spots.

why use plants to repel mosquitoes and other insects?

Plants are one of the most effective natural insect repellents available. Forget about chemical sprays or ultrasound devices, which are not only costly to your wallet, but also ineffective. Opt for the plant-based alternative, which, as well as beautifying your house and garden, will effectively keep them at bay.

This summer, surround yourself with your favourite plants to get rid of unwanted mosquitoes. try it, because it really works!
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