Hoya Heart Care Guide

The Hoya Heart or the heart plant, as it is also known, is the epitome of Valentine's Day. Perfectly shaped like a heart, it is the perfect gift for that special someone on the day dedicated to love. If you have been the happy recipient of one of these beautiful succulents or if you are thinking of giving one as a gift, this care guide is just what you need.

why give a Hoya Heart for Valentine's Day?

The Hoya Heart is so popular on Valentine's Day because of its cute shape, but it is actually a gift loaded with meaning and symbolism. First of all, plants are the perfect metaphor for a couple's relationship as they require care and love to continue to grow and develop, but the Hoya Heart is not only so obviously romantic in shape, but it is also a plant with a very special meaning.it is a very resistant plant, which can adapt to different environmental circumstances; just as a robust and real love is also capable of resisting and overcoming the obstacles and problems that may appear along the way.

The heart plant is able to sum up in itself the traditional Valentine's Day with a deep meaning, making it a meaningful gift that will stand out for its originality and personality. If you put this plant in a pot in your partner's favourite colour and accompany it with a box of chocolates, I assure you that you will conquer their heart. It is a unique and original detail that takes the romanticism of one of the typical gifts of the date (which can be very generic and boring) and transforms it into something personal and intimate.

Meet the Heart plant

The scientific name of this little guy is Hoya Kerrii and it is native to the forests of Thailand. Although it looks very small, it can actually grow into a giant plant. It grows in the form of long stems, up to 4 metres long, which entangle themselves in the plants around them and produce beautiful flowers. What we usually see are its perfect heart-shaped leaves, rooted in a pot. But don't worry, it will reach this massive size only if it has the space and conditions to do so, plus it is very very slow growing. It could take decades to see it grow into a tall flowering plant.

Hoya Heart belongs to the Apocynaceae family, to which plumerias and oleanders also belong. They stand out because their stems exude a latex when cut and their flowers have a pleasant fragrance. The Valentine plant, when fully grown, has very pretty flowers, which are known as wax flowers.

Care of the Hoya Heart

One of the best parts of giving a Hoya Heart is that you are not putting a heavy responsibility on your partner's shoulders. This plant makes a nice companion for the home or office and requires minimal, basic care.

  • Lighting:

The heart plant is very easy to care for. They require a lot of direct light, so it is good to have it in a well-lit place, and if it is indoors, leave it near a window. It is important that its pot has very good drainage, because like all succulents it is prone to root rot.

  • Watering:

As for watering, you should water the substrate every 3 or 4 weeks, when you see that it is dry or that the plant starts to shrivel a little. In this case, less is more. It is preferable that it lacks a little water than that it has too much and dies.

  • Substrate:

Hoya Heart will live very well in a substrate suitable for succulents. You probably won't need to transplant it as it is very slow growing, so you don't need to worry. The most important thing is that your pot has excellent drainage, so you can put some gravel in the bottom.

  • Fertiliser:

It can be watered once a year, never in winter. Use a specialised succulent fertiliser. Follow the instructions, always remembering that they are small plants and you have to take care of the proportions.

  • Other:

This plant is pet and child friendly, so it's no problem to have it indoors. If your furry friend bites it, it will not be in danger.

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