Plant trios

When you buy plants for a particular space you should take into account that their needs in terms of lighting, watering, humidity and even size should be equivalent. This will make their care much easier. A typical beginner's mistake is to buy the first plants they like, without taking these variables into account and end up forcing themselves to learn very particular watering schedules, moving the plants around the house so that they get the light and care they need.

This almost never ends well, as it is difficult to adapt to so many changes and requirements, so either the care is confused or the plants are left aside and die.

The solution to this is to study each type of plant well before bringing them home or purchase one of Be Green's magic trios: go straight for one of the plant trios and wait for them on your doorstep.

Choosing the perfect plants

At Be.Green we want your relationship with plants to be successful and fruitful, so we advise that before you buy a plant you take a close look at the space where you will place it and determine the light conditions, whether there are windows or not, whether you have pets or children and what your lifestyle is like. are you a person who travels a lot? do you work all day? are you forgetful? These are the variables that will allow you to choose the perfect type of plant for you. Instead of buying the first plant you see and trying to adapt to its needs, you can have a plant that suits your way of life.

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Carassula ovata
Die hard and beautiful
Ficus Benjamina
Beautiful and resistant

Also think about whether you want your new plants to fulfil a specific function. Let's say you are working on the atmosphere and energy of a space, either using the precepts of Feng Shui or just looking for plants with a good vibe.

If you suffer from allergies or want to improve the humidity levels in your space, you can also look for plants with those properties.

Magical plant trios

One of the things that makes Be Green so special is that they strive to make the experience of having plants simple and seamless. You don't have to do a postgraduate degree in botany or invest hundreds of hours in order to have lush, beautiful plants, because the care for each plant is specified in a concise and efficient way.

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Plant Trio: Pet Friendly P...
€112.00 €90.00
Three pet friendly floors
Bird of Paradise
Decorative and resistant

The plant trios were also created with the idea of making life much simpler. They have grouped 3 plant species by their most outstanding characteristics, needs and ways of care. This way you will have plants with similar care that you can take care of at the same time, so you don't have to incorporate a lot of new habits into your life, but start sharing your space with your plants.

The most popular plant trios at Be Green are:

Elegant Purifiers:

As we told you in this article, there are plants that have the super power to remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene and others from the air. They also positively modify the level of humidity in the environment. The trio of elegant purifiers is ideal for those who want plants that are useful, easy to care for and live in dimly lit spaces.

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Plant Trio: Elegant Purifi...
€123.00 €99.00
Three purification plants.
Purifying and resistant

This trio of plants shares these purifying capabilities, as well as combining the upright, elongated profile of plants like Sansevieria and Zamioculca with the graceful droop of potus, so you can play with the height and arrangement of your furniture.

Trio The Immortals

If you have a bad reputation with plants, travel a lot or are forgetful, then the Immortal Plant Trio is just what you need to get out of your unlucky streak and regain confidence in your abilities. This trio includes a Snake Plant, an Aloe Cosmo and a Raven plant.

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Plant Trio: The Immortals
€104.00 €83.00
Three immortal plants
Kokedama Ficus Ginseng
Beautiful and elegant

If there is one thing that characterises and groups these plants together, it is their resilience and iron will to live, despite the adversities outside. They adapt to all kinds of environments, require little watering, almost no maintenance and look beautiful.

Sweet Dreams Trio

Having plants in your bedroom will not only give you that designer décor vibe, worthy of appearing on a stylish Instagram feed, but can also improve your sleeping conditions as there are some species that improve oxygen levels and purify the environment. This selection from Be Green is designed to turn your nights into sessions of deep rest and relaxation.

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Plant Trio: Sweet Dreams
€110.00 €88.00
Three floors for the bedroom
Artisan Trio
€146.00 €73.00
Includes planters

The Sweet Dreams plant trio consists of the Snake plant, a Peace Lily and a Boston Fern. They will improve humidity levels, oxygen and offer a nice green touch to your space, as they come in different heights and sizes.

Trio of purifiers

There is a famous NASA report in which they analyse certain plants' abilities to purify the environment and among the plants with the greatest capacity to filter and eliminate toxins from the environment are all those that make up this trio. The Cuervo plant, the Culantrillo fern and the Pilea stand out for their purifying capacities, and they are also very easy to look after.

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Bonsai 9 years old Taxus m...
A bonsai with fruit
Set Rainbow 4 plants
Includes coloured flowerpots

These plants love to be indoors, as this is where they can show off their purifying powers, plus they prefer humid environments and indirect light. You can spray them a couple of times a week in summer to make them even happier and more efficient.

Good Luck Plant Trio

I am not a superstitious person, but I am able to feel the vibes that are left in the environment after the presence of a toxic or conflictive person. Looking for plants that are able to counteract these energies I came across this magnificent trio of plants, all very easy to care for and consisting of a Jade sapling, a snake plant and a Chinese Money Plant.

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Plant Trio: Good Luck
€107.00 €86.00
Three oxygen-releasing plants
Citrus Calamondin
A design tree

According to Feng Shui, the shape and colours of plants like the Jade and Money plants attract prosperity, abundance and good energy, while the long, sharp leaves of the Snake plant (also known as the Sword of St. George) keep bad vibes at bay.

Just what we need for busy places like the living room and even offices.
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