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Original, limited-edition pots and pigeonholes

Planters are to plants as clothes are to humans: a way of protecting from the environment, but they are also a form of aesthetic expression, a way of highlighting certain attributes and making you look more attractive. As with clothing, there are basic and simple pots, but nothing like a unique and special design that stands out from the crowd, to awaken the true potential of each plant. Original plant pots are just what you need.

Each plant species has very specific needs, which you should take into account before buying a pot. For example, a plant such as rosemary, aloe vera and other medicinal plants with moisture-sensitive roots will prefer a terracotta pot that allows for the rapid evaporation of excess moisture from the substrate. A palm tree requires a larger pot to keep growing and these needs are non-negotiable. So what happens if you want something that goes better with your décor? The answer is simple: you invest in a pot

Planters will take care of those basic and simple pots that your plants require, so they will be in charge of raising the aesthetic level of your plant without affecting its physical well-being. The best part is that you can move them around when necessary (e.g. seasonal changes) and give them more height without the need for transplanting. The pots also protect the soil, and maintain the temperature of the roots in the substrate during the colder seasons

The most beautiful and original planters

An original planter can become the centrepiece of your décor or it can blend in better with the aesthetics of the space. Want to add more texture and colour to a space? Go for a planter made from unusual materials. Need height and dimension? Look for a planter with raised legs, which will stand out and add a few inches to your houseplants. What's more, this trick of placing plants higher can help you keep plants that may be harmful to your pet's health out of reach

At Be Green you will not only find the healthiest and prettiest plants, as well as everything you might need to grow them, but this online shop also has the trendiest selection of plant pots you can imagine, perfect for displaying your plant collection in the way they deserve. Leave in the past the simple plastic pots, as boring as they are unaesthetic, and allow designer pieces to enrich the look of your favourite plants

Highlight that trio of gorgeous succulents with cute animal-shaped planters. Hanging plants? Put them in a face-shaped pot and let them fall like hair. For those who prefer a more polished and elegant look, you can look for planters with metallic finishes. You have many options to achieve your dream result

Comfort and efficiency

An original planter is a simple but powerful thing that can completely transform a space. The best part is that you can order as many as you want, because thanks to our online shipping system you will receive the planter you choose at home in 24 hours or less, no matter what region you are in, all for the same price

At Be Green we believe that a good service should be fast and efficient, but without neglecting the quality of our products, so everything is packed with great care so that it arrives to you in perfect condition. Our online shop is the perfect place to find the most original planters, the most beautiful plants and you can receive everything without leaving your home.

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