Dracaena Fragrans
Dracaena Fragrans
Dracaena Fragrans
Dracaena Fragrans
Dracaena Fragrans
Dracaena Fragrans Dracaena Fragrans Dracaena Fragrans Dracaena Fragrans Dracaena Fragrans
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Dracaena Fragrans or Corn plant. Also called "false palm tree". It is a plant native to the tropical regions of Africa and needs very little maintenance.
Indirect light

Indirect light

Moderate irrigation

Moderate irrigation

Normal humidity

Normal humidity

Not suitable for pets

Not suitable for pets

26-30cm pot

26-30cm pot

Dracaena Fragrans

  • Glass: 21cm
  • Height: 130-140cm
  • Not safe for pets, as it can be toxic if ingested.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves.
  • The soil where it is planted should have a good drainage.
  • Light: It loves the places with direct and indirect light.
  • Watering Moderate: When the substratum is drying.
  • Humidity: Likes to cool down, spray its leaves once a week.
  • Top tip: Planting in well-drained soil will help its growth and happiness.
  • This plant is known to filter toxins from the air and cleanse it.
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Dracaena Fragrans or Corn plant.
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What Our Clients Say
By Mercedes
April 17, 2024

Great. Everything was perfect. The plant is in good condition and beautiful. Thank you

By Lidia
April 17, 2024

It arrived on time, very well packaged. I am very happy with my order

By Andrea
December 14, 2023

The plant has arrived perfectly and is beautiful!

By Mercedes
October 15, 2023

i would not have been able to bring home such a tall plant. very happy...i recommend it

By Pilar
October 15, 2023

The plant arrived perfect and bigger than I expected.

By Candida
September 15, 2023

Everything perfect, the plant, the packaging, the delivery....

By Rccyp
June 15, 2023

All very well.

By Ambar
May 15, 2023

It has arrived in perfect condition. Delighted with the purchase.

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 Our recycled cardboard packaging protects and cares for your plant during shipping. 💚 Includes a QR to the care guide and access to the Plant Doctor for all kinds of queries. 📝 You can also add a dedication at the time of purchase, perfect for special gifts.

Introducing the marvellous Dracaena Fragrans, affectionately known as Dracena Fragrans. This little beauty is not only a breeze to care for but also has the magical ability to purify the air around you. How fantastic is that?

Standing at a proud height of 70 centimetres and with a charming diameter of 22 centimetres, this Dracaena Fragrans, also known as Corn plant, is like a miniature false palm tree. It's like bringing a touch of tropical paradise right into your home!

Originating from the lush and exotic lands of Africa, this plant requires minimal maintenance. So, even if you have a track record of turning plants into crispy critters, fear not! Dracaena Fragrans is here to save the day and make you feel like a green-thumbed genius.

Now, let's talk about its air-purifying superpowers. We all know how important it is to breathe clean and fresh air, right? Well, this little champion has got your back. It diligently filters out those pesky toxins and releases pure, oxygen-rich air into your space. Take a deep breath and feel the stress melt away!

But wait, there's more! Dracaena Fragrans isn't just a pretty face. It also knows a thing or two about boosting your mood. Yep, you heard that right! Scientific studies have shown that having plants around can make you feel happier and more relaxed. It's like having a little green therapist in your living room, ready to listen to your worries and share in your joys.

Imagine coming home after a long day, being greeted by the vibrant green leaves of your Dracaena Fragrans. It's like a warm hug from nature, inviting you to unwind and let go of the day's worries. You'll feel an instant surge of tranquillity and a sense of connection with the natural world.

So, whether you're a seasoned plant lover or a complete novice, Dracaena Fragrans is the perfect addition to your home. It's easy to care for, purifies the air, and brings a touch of tropical paradise right to your doorstep. What more could you ask for?

Go ahead, treat yourself to a little slice of botanical bliss. Order your very own Dracaena Fragrans today and let the magic begin!

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