Bonsai trees have a particular charm. Considered by Buddhists as a bridge between the heavenly and the earthly plane, it is almost natural to be attracted by their serene nature. In fact, the Bonsai is much more than just a plant, it should be considered as a whole with its pot that seeks to represent a miniature scene of nature. It is the ideal companion for a zen space that requires a touch of green and a lot of personality. It is one of those plants that becomes the centre of attention wherever you place it.

These miniature trees have a reputation for being difficult and complicated to create and maintain. While there is an art to learning how to pinch, prune and create a Bonsai from scratch, once you have gone through the process, the maintenance is not so terrible. Furthermore, the type of care will also depend on the species of tree chosen to make the Bonsai. It is not the same to have a Bonsai of a maple tree as it is to have a Bonsai of a juniper or a Ficus. Each species has particular environmental and care requirements.

At Be.Green we know that you would love to have a miniature tree in your collection, because it is the perfect complement to your spaces; so we have taken it upon ourselves to create Bonsai from the most resistant and versatile tree species. This will allow you to have your own Bonsai inside your home without so much drama or hassle. Fear not, if you don't have much knowledge of gardening, we will offer you all the help you need to learn how to care for your little tree. From watering patterns to how and when to fertilise. With our knowledge and your willingness to learn how to keep your ancient tree alive you can achieve a beautiful and long-lived Bonsai.

The best part of buying Bonsai online is that you can learn in depth about the requirements and care of that species before you make the decision to take it with you. In most nurseries you might find beautiful Bonsai, but they will rarely tell you the details about their requirements and maintenance, so people often take them because they have found them beautiful, but they have a short life expectancy because that species is not likely to adapt to the climatic conditions of their region or to the interior of their home.

Be Green offers a different experience, not only because our online shop allows you to buy from anywhere, anytime (even from your mobile phone) and because the Bonsai prices are great, but also because you get personalised advice. In fact, when you receive it at home, you will find a card with the care details well summarised and explained, so you can have this care guide at hand. We also offer detailed information on our website about each plant, because we know that your success in the world of gardening (even if you are a beginner) depends on whether the plant species you have chosen suits your lifestyle and your space.

Sometimes you need to take the first step to gain confidence and it's best when you have help to do it. In our Bonsai catalogue you will find the perfect specimens to get you started in this wonderful world, such as the Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, which prefers direct light and requires little care. Just keep an eye on its humidity levels and water it when the substrate is dry, it will be enough. You can count on our full support to start this new vegetable journey. Don't believe all the stories about Bonsai and dare: together we will succeed.

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Dedicated to creating an army of cacti, succulents, poodles and cats to help me conquer the world. In the little free time I have left, I play, write and dance.

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