Top 10 houseplants that will survive

There are some admirable people, who are able to resist and to get through even in the most adverse conditions. It is as if in the midst of difficulties, their abilities and talents stand out even more. Believe it or not, there are equivalents in the plant world. There are species that are characterised by their resilience and their desire to cling to life. If you're one of those who don't have much luck with plants, pay attention to these 10 houseplants that will survive any challenge, even a forgetful owner.

Top 10 hardiest houseplants

  • Sanseviera

It's impossible to talk about hardy, near-immortal plants without mentioning the Sanseviera or Mother-in-law's Tongue. You've probably seen it in urban gardens, outdoors, and it can adapt to almost any lighting conditions, requires little watering and grows beautifully even if no one remembers to fertilise it. It is the most warrior of plants and it also purifies the environment.

  • Tillandsia

Tillandsias or air carnations are the simplest and easiest to care for. First of all, they require no substrate or pot, so you don't have to water or fertilise. The only thing this small, aesthetic plant requires is that you spray it with water once a week and keep it out of direct sunlight.

  • Potos

A great classic, the potos is a beginner's plant that adapts to any light conditions, requires little watering and is also very pretty. It prefers humid environments, so if you think you'll forget to spray it, you can buy several little sisters (of the same or other species) to help maintain a microclimate for it to grow like a radiant green waterfall.

  • Aspidistra

Known as donkey's ear, this plant is grown in low light. Its leaves are green, shiny and very attractive. It grows low, with lush leaves, making it highly sought after for gardens but also perfect for indoors.

  • aloe vera

Aloe not only has healing properties, but is able to withstand anything. In some Latin American countries it is customary to hang an Aloe Vera plant over the lintel of the front door, as it is believed to absorb bad energies. This plant is able to survive there, hanging from a red ribbon, without substrate. This is a perfect example of resilience.

  • Fiddle leaf fig tree

If you're in search of a big, tall, leafy houseplant, the fiddle leaf fig is the perfect bet. It's magnificent, yet so easy to care for.

  • Jade

Jade is such a long-lived plant that it is often given as a gift in some cultures to newlyweds or people moving into their first flat, it is also said to attract prosperity. The truth is that it is very easy to take care of, as a succulent it requires little watering, it propagates with a simple leaf and they look beautiful.

  • Tradescantia

The tradescantia is amazing. Not only is it the easiest way to add colour to your plant collection, but you have so many varieties to choose from, from the all purple with pink flowers, to the zebrina which has little leaves with green and purple sections. They will suit any lighting and look great hanging.

  • Ribbons

In some countries they are called Mala Madre, because it tends to push its offspring out of the pot, so you can transplant them and get new plants. It has an interesting fall, with its long leaves in light and dark colours. The best part is that its lighting and watering requirements are quite flexible.

  • Aptenia

Aptenia is a beautiful succulent, with foliage that spreads horizontally and produces a very pretty fuchsia coloured flower that opens in the day and closes at night. As a good succulent, it is very easy to look after and adapts to different types of lighting, as well as coping well with drought.

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