Dracena Lemon

Originally from Madagascar and known in English as the "dragon plant" because of its red sap, the Lemon Dracena is a beautiful and elegant plant that will beautify your space. Not only does it have great lines and bright colours, but it is also very easy to care for.

It is perfect for living indoors in your home or office and over the years can grow up to 2 metres tall. It is the perfect addition to your space.

who needs a Lemon Dracena?

- Beginners who want a tall, eye-catching plant. The Dracaena is ideal for those who don't have much experience with plants, because it requires very simple care and can continue to grow even if you ignore it a little.

- People with little time to spare. Those who cannot be bothered to water the plants and move them according to the time of day, or fertilise regularly. The lemon dracaena is a plant that withstands drought well and grows without complications.

- People who want to decorate with large plants in small spaces. Lemon Dracena is a tall plant, but with quite discreet foliage that can fit into small spaces to give a sense of verticality and visual height.

- For those who wish to improve the quality of the air they breathe. This plant belongs to the group of purifying plants, capable of filtering and degrading harmful particles in the air, as well as producing a little more oxygen. It is great for decorating rooms, not only because it is non-invasive but also because of its purifying properties.

- It is perfect for offices. In these communal spaces it is difficult for anyone to pay much attention to the care of plants, so a strategically placed Dracaena will add a touch of life and colour to any work space. It also has the size and characteristics to fit in very well with this type of décor and environmental conditions.

Care of the Lemon Dracena

The Dacena almost takes care of itself, but it is important to maintain certain environmental conditions that will extend its life and keep it lush, tall and beautiful. With such resilient and strong plants it is best to leave them a little to their own devices, as over-indulgence in both watering and fertilising can take its toll. In short: Take your water sprayer and give your Dracaena a little moisture to keep it happy, but don't water it too often.

  • Watering:

This plant is from tropical climates, so it requires a humid environment, although care should be taken not to overwater it. You can water it a couple of times a week, but this will always depend on the climate and the place where it is located. Check the substrate, which should be moist but never waterlogged to prevent the roots from rotting, so water only when you see that the substrate is completely dry. Pay attention to the tips of the leaves, if they are dry they are lacking moisture.

To keep the leaves supple and textured, you can spray them once a week.

  • Lighting

Dracaenas become beautiful when they receive a lot of indirect light, but they are very hardy and will adapt to almost any lighting conditions. Avoid direct sunlight as it will burn the leaves and can be left in low natural light or artificial light, although its growth will be a little slower, although you won't notice it much as it is a slow grower.

  • Substrate

With dracaenas it is important to check the drainage of the plant, as it is sensitive to waterlogging of the roots. You can use a mix that includes clay or another type of substrate that provides good drainage. Try to plant in a large pot, where there is space for it to develop and spread its extensive root system.

As for fertiliser, less is more. Too much fertiliser can be detrimental to these hardy plants.

  • Reproduction

The easiest way to reproduce this plant is by cuttings. Cut stems about 10 centimetres long, apply some rooting hormone (optional) and place directly into the soil. I have also left them in a glass of water, submerging a few centimetres of the stem until they develop roots and sow.

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