Perfect plants for minimalist decoration

Some consider minimalism to be a very turn-of-the-century decorating trend, and while that is when it was at its peak, minimalism has evolved into a basic style that can be enriched with personal and unique touches. This style aims for a clean look, in which everything superfluous has been eliminated.

The big conflict for many is that, while they are able to appreciate this serene beauty of simplicity, spaces with this type of décor can feel a little cold, artificial and unhuman. The solution lies in one element: plants. That's why we've put together this list of the perfect plants for minimalist décor: sober, clean-lined and structured.

The basics of minimalism

Minimalism is a deliberate exercise in control. It is about understanding that what we don't usually notice is a fundamental part of the whole you want to create; in this way the decorative weight does not only fall on objects such as furniture and ornaments, but also takes into account the lighting but above all the space. Those free spaces are like silence in music: they allow those small selected objects to shine and have a greater impact.

Many people are afraid of this style because they think it is boring, but nothing could be further from the truth. It's about being bold, memorable and functional with as few elements as possible. Implementing minimalism is quite simple. There are those who follow certain strict guidelines when it comes to decorating in a minimalist style, but over time these precepts have been refined to leave us with a very simple foundation that we can adapt to our personal style. That said, the minimalist style is characterised by:

- Clean lines. The furniture and all the accessories are usually very focused on function and practicality. No curves and rococo textures, what we see here are flat, soft, smooth, simple surfaces but with strong lines that create visual impact. Angular, sharp, decisive lines are preferred.

- Mutochromatic colour palettes, with a strong emphasis on neutral colours. White, beige and greys are classics in this style. The aim is to create an elegant, simple and functional space, without distractions or strident colours.

- Open spaces. No stacked furniture, walls with lots of pictures covering their surfaces and tables everywhere. The space should have only the essentials, it should give a feeling of openness, freedom and relaxation. There is nothing superfluous stealing space or getting dusty.

- Lots of light. There are those who consider warm, poor lighting to be romantic and cosy, in minimalism the opposite effect is sought. Here spaces are open, well-lit, bright. If possible, take advantage of natural lighting as opposed to artificial lighting. Open windows, use light curtains (or don't use them, if possible) and let light flood in.

- Use focal points. Empty space is important and helps to create visual balance, but this can only be achieved with the use of focal points. Plants, a decorative object, a touch of colour... look for an eye-catching element that balances the space.

- Play with textures. Combine your upholstered furniture in a simple material with wooden surfaces, for example. Adding a natural element always helps to humanise the space while adding interest and versatility. As much as possible, try to keep the colour palette understated.

- Create a neutral base. Make the walls, floor and furniture a neutral, serene and calming canvas. Use light, neutral tones such as beige, grey, white and others. This will allow you to play with some striking details later on, adding colour and dimension to the space.

Minimalist plants

Plants are the ideal complement to minimalist decoration, and with their textures, colours and movement they are able to add a bit of that organic chaos that humanises spaces. They are focal points par excellence and can complement the minimalist style wonderfully, as there are species that comply with the basic precepts. Strong lines, with visual character, colours that stand out, natural textures and a handsome demeanour that will make them the stars of the decoration.


Sansevieria is a favourite for those who are looking for a beautiful, easy to care for plant that goes with the minimalist vibe. The Snake Plant, as it is also known, stands out for its straight lines, well-defined leaves and amazing colours. The best part is that you can find many varieties, so you can mix and match and collect them.

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Snake Plant
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An oxygen pump
Monstera Deliciosa
€48.00 €43.00
Adapts to any environment

This plant is perfect for those with little time and experience in plant care, as it is almost immortal. It requires little watering and can be grown in almost any lighting conditions, although the bright light of the style suits it perfectly. You can place it in a pretty pot in a corner, like a sculpture, making it a nice focal point.

Bird of Paradise

The Bird of Paradise is a perfect plant for those who want a majestic touch in their home, without it looking cluttered or untidy; it visually fills the space without cluttering it. Just look at its slender stems, which emerge in a very geometric shape and end in huge, dramatic, well-defined leaves. The Bird of Paradise's stature does not allow it to go unnoticed, and it is very easy to care for. Once a year (or more, depending on where you live) it will give you beautiful, sculptural, orange flowers.

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Bird of Paradise
Decorative and resistant
The iconic cactus

Take care of the Bird of Paradise by placing it in a spot where it receives plenty of indirect light, spray it from time to time with a sprinkler to help it stay moist and water it moderately (once a week in winter, twice a week in summer) or when you see the substrate starting to dry out. Because of its size, you can use a pot with legs to give it some height or simply leave it on the ground.

Kentia Palm

The Kentia palm has long lines, offers visual height and some warmth for those who want a bit of minimalism with tropical touches. As it requires large spaces to grow freely, a room where it can take centre stage will suit it perfectly. It brings texture, colour and with its controlled lushness it will look perfect in a corner, it also purifies the air.

This plant is suitable for spaces with poor lighting, such as hallways, lobbies and offices. Water once a week and spray occasionally to improve humidity. You can use an organic fertiliser once a month and it will stay radiant and happy. Visually, this plant is one for extremes, so try pairing it with a pot with an interesting texture or material that has an ethnic or natural vibe, or go for a well-polished material with a modern twist.

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Kentia Palm
Tropical and purifying
Ananas Comosus
a plant with fruit!


If you're a flower lover and want a minimalist plant that looks great on a table or other piece of furniture, you need orchids. Let's start with the sleek lines of their slender stems and glossy green leaves; but the real stars are their amazing and elegant flowers. You can find them in many different colours and varieties, such as tiger orchids, so you can create interesting compositions with them.

Caring for these plants is easier than you think. Orchids love indirect light, never place them in direct sunlight because you will burn their leaves and flowers. You should water them once a week by immersion, i.e. putting the pot in a bucket of water for about 10 minutes and then letting it drain. You can spray the leaves with water to keep them fresh, but do not water the flowers so that they do not get stained.

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Areca Palm
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Tropical and hardy
Bonsai Punica 7 years old ...
A flowering bonsai

Euphorbia Acrurensis

You want a plant that is very easy to care for, eye-catching, with clean lines and is the epitome of minimalism when it comes to care, then you have Euphorbia Acrurensis. This cactus is gigantic and will be an incredible focal point in your space. It is impossible not to fall in love with its upright habit and interesting shapes. Look for an eye-catching pot to go with it, try an interesting colour to contrast with the monochromatic base. This is the time to play with colours and textures.

This beauty should only be watered occasionally, allowing the substrate to dry out well between watering. You should not spray it or anything else, as this humidity will cause stains. As for its location, place it in direct sunlight or in a well-lit spot. Close to windows will do it a lot of good. want an interesting fact about this plant? It purifies the environment and improves oxygen levels, especially at night so it's perfect for your bedroom.

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Euphorbia Ingens
Resistant and purifying
Bonsai Zelkova (6 years old)
A hardy bonsai

Raven Plant

The raven plant is one of my favourites, not only because it is so easy to care for, but because its bright green leaves arranged symmetrically on its long stems are very harmonious and while they may have some bulk, they are not bulky and look very neat; perfect for minimalist spaces. You can place them on a table or shelf, as they have a medium stature; although they can get tall over time if they are very happy and healthy.

Caring for this cutie is too easy, it really is practically immortal. It requires little watering, let the substrate dry out well between waterings. It prefers brightly lit places but never where the sun's rays reach it, because it will burn in no time at all. This is one of those wonderful purifying plants, so it will remove toxins from the air while looking beautiful.

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ZZ plant
Adapts to any environment
Bonsai Zelkova 8 years old
A hardy bonsai

Alocasia Zebrina

I feel like a lot of people go a little overboard with sobriety when decorating in the minimalist style, so it can look a little boring. If you feel like your space is lacking that I don't know what, feel free to add an Alocasia Zebrina. This plant will give you all the drama and visual impact you need: fall in love with those elongated stems, decorated with exotic lines and ending in those giant, green, shiny, lanceolate leaves. It is tall, so you can place it in a corner or next to a piece of furniture to give it more prominence.

Alocasia is an indoor plant that prefers abundant but indirect light, the sun's rays will burn its leaves but if it is in a very dark place, it will lose its leaves. It should be watered only once a week, it is best to let the substrate dry out between waterings and do not spray its leaves. If it has good drainage and plenty of light, it will give you its glorious presence for a long time to come.

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Bonsai Citrus myrtifolia (...
A bonsai that is different and easy to l...
White Orchid - 60/70cm
Pure and elegant

Succulents and cacti

The geometric delicacy and interesting lines of cacti and succulents have made them the darling of minimalists. They come in all sizes and sizes, they can live in terrariums, and you can create interesting compositions. For bedside tables, desks and almost any surface you can buy a set of mini pots with personality and plant some succulents. They are the perfect delicate touch and easy to care for.

Cacti and succulents require a lot of light, best if they receive direct sunlight for a few hours a day. This will allow them to grow while maintaining their perfect shape and lines. Let the substrate dry out well between waterings, as excess moisture is detrimental. They are perfect plants for beginners and I assure you that you will end up collecting some, because they are so discreet that you will be able to have several without the place looking crowded.

Lucky bamboo

Lucky bamboo has a reputation for attracting luck and prosperity according to the precepts of Feng Shui, but the truth is that it's the perfect plant for minimalist decorations, especially because it has this zen energy thanks to its simple, straight lines. It has a beautiful colour, you can find them braided or in whimsical shapes and they also look great in glass containers. As they can survive without substrate, they are very easy to care for as you only need to replace the water from time to time.

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Bonsai Syzigium (5 years o...
An aromatic bonsai
Bonsai 17 years old Malus sp
A bonsai with coloured flowers

Take advantage of the fact that they don't need substrate to play with pots or containers. Nothing is more modern and minimalist than glass, as it has a light, airy appearance that lets in light. They are the ideal addition to add colour to your spaces.