Begonia Maculata Care Guide

The begonia maculata is a magnificent diva that will steal all the attention. It has a nice dark green color, decorated with silver or white dots, while the underside is a deep red. In fact, Christian Louboutin is rumored to have been inspired by this plant to create his iconic red soles. But don't be fooled by its eye-catching appearance, because its care is much simpler than you can imagine. With this begonia maculata care guide you will be able to learn the secrets and keys to keep it beautiful and reigning supreme in your collection.

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Begonia Maculata
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order for a relationship with a person to prosper, you must be willing to know its origins and history, because with that information you will be able to understand a little more about the individual's tastes and needs. The same goes for plants, so you should know that our precious speckled friend comes from the rainforests of Brazil. This gives you the first clue as to what a maculata begonia needs: filtered light, constant temperature, and humidity.

Tropical forests are characterized by being spaces where abundant light enters through the tallest trees, where it is never cold, there is always humidity and you can barely perceive a breeze. Ideally, you should reproduce these conditions so that your begoña maculata is able to grow and develop to be big and strong.

Begonias maculatas produce very beautiful flowers in the period between spring and autumn, they are groups of white flowers with a yellow center. You don't need to do anything special to get your plant to flower, just stick to a more or less regular feeding schedule and aim for good light conditions. If you see that not a single one has emerged, try to move it to a slightly brighter place, as this will stimulate flowering.


key to providing the perfect substrate for begonia maculata is one that can maintain moisture without becoming waterlogged. Common commercial mixes work great, especially if they contain a little perlite and wood shavings. You can supplement with a large handful of inorganic fertilizer and you'll get the ideal substrate for a happy begonia.

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You can fertilize the substrate every 2 to 4 weeks during its growing season, using a balanced universal fertilizer, diluted by 50%. There is no need to fertilize in winter. This cycle will guarantee brightly colored leaves and plenty of flowers.


: Remember that your begonia comes from a place where it receives light, but never directly. direct sun can discolor your cute spots and burn the tips of the leaves. Prefer lighting filtered by curtains or other plants, don't leave it near the window. The begonia maculata can survive in low-light conditions, but if you overdo it, because the lack of light will make it grow long and with few leaves. Another sign that it lacks light is that the leaves will discolor a little, turn yellow, and fall off.

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Finding the perfect balance between watering frequency and your begonia's needs can be a bit confusing, but you should stick to one rule: let the top of the substrate dry out between waterings. Begonias maculatas need a certain level of moisture, but they are prone to fungus and root rot, so avoid overwatering.

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My method is simple: I have a wand (I use a disposable wooden toothpick) and I carefully poke the substrate into the pot. If it comes out with wet substrate stuck to the tip but looks dry on top, it's time to water. If toothpick comes out wet, I wait another day or two. In a couple of weeks you'll get into the rhythm of watering and won't need to check it as often. Remember to lower your watering during the winter months.


Many people complain that they buy their begonia maculata, keep it for a few months, and then die unexpectedly. The mysterious causes of death of this plant are almost always linked to the humidity factor. It is true that it comes from a humid environment, but this does not mean that you are going to spray it every now and then with a sprinkler, this will deteriorate its leaves. The secret is to always put it in a group with other plants and use water trays on the radiator, when necessary. In very extreme or winter cases, you can put a small humidifier in the room.

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you live in a very hot region, having your begonia maculata indoors is the safe bet. Due to the characteristics of their origin, they can live very well with temperatures between 18° and 30°C, perhaps a little warmer during the day. If exposed to temperatures below 10°C, it will die. Also, keep it away from drafts, because they are bad for it.

Pruning and reproduction

This exotic begonia is a slow-growing one, which tends to expand more widthwise than high, but it must be transplanted into a slightly larger pot each year during the spring, at least 4 cm larger in diameter than the previous one. Avoid overdoing it with the size of the pot, because it can affect its roots.

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If you see it as too long, with many branches and not very leafy, you can prune it. It is recommended to do it at the end of autumn, as this will conserve energy in winter and prepare it to grow beautiful and leafy in spring. But don't throw those clippings in the trash can, because you can use them to reproduce your plant. Select pieces of branches that contain at least a couple of nodes or buds, cut off the tips, and place them in a bowl of water. Be patient and don't forget to replenish the water that evaporates. They will eventually develop roots, and you can plant them in their own pot.

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