The hardiest houseplants

There is a belief that there are two types of people: those who have blessed hands, who touch withered plants and they come back to life with vigor and vigour, and those who touch healthy and perfect plants and they combust on their own initiative. This is nothing more than a myth, because anyone can keep their plants alive, they just need to find the perfect species and learn a skill: to observe.

We know that sometimes it is difficult to change a deep-rooted belief unless you have irrefutable evidence to overthrow it, so if you are looking for a plant that will help you eradicate these myths and allow you to reconcile with the plant world, you can try these species. These are the hardiest houseplants that will allow you to regain your confidence and start your collection.

Learn to look

The only thing you need to have perfect plants that cling to life is to learn to look. Start by studying the light conditions where you want to place them: are there windows? is there direct light all day? Or, on the contrary, is it rather dark? is there air conditioning or heating? do you have pets? how much space do you have? This will allow you to choose a plant that wants to continue to grow in these conditions.

You also need to be honest about your lifestyle. If you travel a lot or are forgetful, if you spend all day at home, if you get too anxious and over water and those details will tell you a lot about what you are willing to do for your plants. If you write down all these aspects, you will have a list of those conditions that will tell you what kind of plant you can have. Now you can check out our recommendations for hardy plants.

The almost immortal plants

Ficus Robusta:

Indirect light, moderate watering, normal humidity

This plant has beautiful deep green leaves, is tall and lush. It needs a lot of indirect light, because if it is too dark it will go bald. Watering requirements are minimal, a couple of times a week is enough. It is not suitable for pets.


Indirect light, low watering, normal humidity

Impossible to make a list of hardy plants without mentioning the survivor of the plant world. It adapts to any light conditions, requires little watering and also helps to purify the environment. The only point of caution is that you should take care that your pets don't bite it because it can be toxic.


Indirect light, low watering, normal humidity

It can be acclimatized to any lighting conditions, but you must acclimatize it. Avoid direct sun. Requires little watering, only when the substrate is dry. No need to spray the leaves, it regulates its own humidity levels and is able to remove harmful substances from the air.

Chinese Money Plant

Indirect light, moderate watering, normal humidity

This plant attracts prosperity to your home, according to Feng Shui beliefs. It should avoid direct sunlight and should be watered without puddling, it is important that it drains very well.


Indirect light, low watering, high humidity

Potos adapt to any place, even those with little light. They help to purify the environment. They should be watered sparingly, wait for the substrate to dry out well, as they tolerate drought better than over-watering. You can spray a little water on its leaves to keep it happy.

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