Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii Ctenanthe Burle Marxii Ctenanthe Burle Marxii Ctenanthe Burle Marxii Ctenanthe Burle Marxii
height icon Height 30-40cm
Ctenanthe Burle Marxii is also known as the "Fishbone Prayer Plant". It receives this nickname because of the curious and marvellous lines on its leaves that simulate the spines of a fish. It belongs to the family Marantaceae, and is a type of Calathea. The place of origin of this plant is Brazil, so it will give a tropical touch to your home.
Indirect light

Indirect light

Frequent watering

Frequent watering

High humidity

High humidity

Suitable for pets

Suitable for pets

15-17 cm pot

15-17 cm pot

Ctenanthe Burle Marxii

  • It is suitable for children and pets, non-toxic and safe for pets.
  • Avoid direct sunlight, which can burn its leaves.
  • Light: It loves indirect light.
  • Watering Moderate: 1 time a week.
  • Moisture: Likes to feel cool, spray its leaves 4 times a week.
  • Top tip: Fertilising every week will leave it at its best.
  • The nightly ritual of this plant is so beautiful that you won't be able to take your eyes off it.
  • It is said that peace will come to those who have this plant.
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Ctenanthe Burle Marxii is also known as the "Fishbone Prayer Plant".
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What Our Clients Say
By Soraya
September 15, 2023

The plant arrives in perfect condition and includes care recommendations

By Isabel
March 31, 2023

It came very well packaged and very healthy

This is how you will receive your plant...

📦 With recycled cardboard packaging that we have developed to take care of your plant. 💚 Packed with tissue paper that keeps the humidity and a lot of care. 📝 Each plant includes a care card and a dedication (if you want).

Introducing the fabulous Ctenanthe Burle Marxii! This little beauty is a Maranta that simply adores humidity and knows how to regulate it like a pro. Standing at a compact 25 centimetres tall and measuring 15 centimetres in diameter, it's the perfect size to add a touch of green to any corner of your home.

But wait, there's more! The Ctenanthe Burle Marxii also goes by the quirky name of "Fishbone Prayer Plant." And why, you may wonder? Well, it's all thanks to the stunning lines on its leaves that resemble the spines of a fish. How cool is that? It's like having a slice of underwater magic right in your living room!

This little charmer is part of the Marantaceae family, a distant cousin to the Calathea plants. And guess what? It hails all the way from the lush lands of Brazil. So, not only will it bring a tropical vibe to your space, but it also carries a touch of exotic beauty that's hard to resist.

Now, let's talk about the perks of having a Ctenanthe Burle Marxii in your life. First off, it's a breeze to care for. Yep, you heard that right! This low-maintenance plant doesn't require any fancy tricks or secret rituals. Just give it a cozy spot with indirect light, keep its soil moist (but not soggy), and it'll be as happy as a clam.

Oh, did we mention that the Ctenanthe Burle Marxii is a natural air purifier? Yep, it's like having a mini superhero in your home. It works its magic by filtering out those pesky toxins and releasing fresh, clean oxygen into the air. So not only will it look stunning, but it'll also help you breathe easier and create a healthier environment for you and your loved ones.

But here's the best part - this little plant is a mood booster. Its vibrant green leaves and playful patterns are bound to put a smile on your face every time you glance its way. Whether you're feeling stressed, tired, or just need a little pick-me-up, the Ctenanthe Burle Marxii is here to save the day with its natural charm and positive energy.

So, if you're looking for a plant that's easy to care for, visually striking, and brings a touch of the tropics to your home, look no further than the Ctenanthe Burle Marxii. It's the perfect companion for plant lovers of all ages and experience levels. Get yours today and let the Fishbone Prayer Plant work its magic in your life!

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