Easy and natural decoration for premises and offices

Nature has always been a source of inspiration and energy for many people, as it is a great way to disconnect from our daily lives and get away from the materialism that often invades us.

If you are struggling with a lack of vitality and concentration during your working day, decorating your office in a natural way can help. Austere décor and natural materials can give you the feeling of a refreshing wave and even increase your level of productivity.

did you know that if you bring nature into your office, you will get the feeling that things are happening as planned? This psychological fact is closely associated with images of nature and a naturalistic, austere design.

So here are some ideas for creating this little paradise in your workplace:

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Kentia Palm
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Tropical and purifying
Rio Pot - XL/22cm
Elegant ceramics

Jute rugs and handcrafted furniture: the keys!

Made from dried plant fibres, jute is a very durable and virtually maintenance-free natural material, making it the perfect choice for an affordable rug in your office.

In addition, most jute or other natural fibre rugs have a woven texture in neutral colours, which will give your space the zen style you need. If, on the other hand, you want to add some colour to your workspace, there are rugs with a more solid coloured weave, others woven with stripes and other patterns.

We ship plants to all locations, you can see more options here.

Beaucarnea Kokedama
Original and surprising
Olive tree
Tough and beautiful

Jute rugs are quite versatile. They are a perfect rug style for boho, natural and rustic style spaces and are also great to combine with other rugs, as they create a durable and neutral base, on top of which you can place a smaller, colourful decorative rug.

On the other hand, for a break from work, you can add a small armchair made of braided water hyacinth or a hand-carved side table to your home office or office space.

Neutral and open-plan lighting

have you ever thought of placing a beautiful pendant lamp woven from jute above your meeting table? A pendant lamp made of woven jute will lend a light and airy atmosphere to your workplace. It will also lighten up the space, as these types of lamps are quite sculptural and textured, a perfect style for eclectic, minimalist or boho meeting rooms.

Another option for that meeting or co-working area is to place ceramic lamps, which are made of clay and glazed in an earth tone, and feature a nice textured pattern.

Combining colours in your office with earth tones will make the ceramics blend in more naturally, but don't be afraid to mix it up. You can combine

wood and metals, i.e. mix natural and man-made materials, to give it a more groundbreaking touch .

For example, for office desks you can create tables from natural wood slabs, something that has a very rustic feel, over a wrought iron base to add an industrial touch. Natural wood is durable and excellent for a desk. Underneath the desk you can place an amorphous leather rug, which will add a touch of natural texture and visual interest. You can opt for a real cowhide or a vegan faux leather alternative, both of which will have the same organic look. It can also be layered with larger rectangular rugs.

Art, nature and life, what your office needs

As you know, natural materials are typically found in nature. But you can also decorate your office with visual materials inspired by nature through art, with a large print of a bucolic scene, large still lifes of flowers, landscapes or natural textures, which will add a stylish and earthy touch to your space.

Natural fabrics for a breath of fresh air

Boho office interior design ideas often include rattan as a star material. Rattan is a natural material made from dried palm, which is woven together to create a structured piece of furniture.

Rattan furniture often has a lightweight feel that adds texture to a room. We also highly recommend pairing rattan chairs with some natural fibre cushions, a great way to add colour and pattern to your office.

Another classic way to add natural elements to an office décor is through decorative drawers to store filing material, for example, that are decorative and made froma woven material such as seagrass or water hyacinth.

These drawers are lightweight and have a raw, natural look, as well as being strong and durable. A perfect example of style and practicality! Woven drawers go with almost any style, making them an excellent storage option.

Finally, the magic touch, as always, will be provided by plants, natural living materials and a great space filler, which add beautiful organic shapes and colours to your room.

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Dracena Lemon
Healing and easy to care for
Snake Plant
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An oxygen pump

Remember to choose plants suitable for the workplace. We all wish we had a lovely indoor garden in an office with lots and lots of flowers to bring life and beauty to a workspace that is often cold and neutral. But when choosing new plants, consider the type of care, colour and scent that go with the plants you want.

If you are going to use more than one plant in the same office space or room, consider varying the shapes, types and sizes you choose to add visual interest to the space. Plants are the most versatile of all natural materials and a beautiful way to add colour to any space.

Large-leafed plants are all the rage, as they fill in nicely in the large, industrial, open-plan coworking spaces that have become so fashionable. What's more, they are easy to look after. Alocasias are also very fashionable, with shiny leaves and a tropical style, originally from Southeast Asia. They are ideal for purifying your home and removing pathogens from the environment.

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Outdoor and aromatic.
Areca Palm
€64.00 €57.60
Tropical and hardy

Aromatic plants are also a very good choice for an office, as there are certain natural fragrances that improve concentration, such as sage, rosemary and thyme, which also have very beneficial properties for health.

Finally, we highly recommend Jade for your workspace, a hardy and prosperity-attracting plant with bright and vivid colour shades that are highly decorative.

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Carassula ovata
Die hard and beautiful
Kokedama Ficus Ginseng
Beautiful and elegant

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